Wyze App 2.24 Beta Test; Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 8/18/2021

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Although you have the Beta App, you need to make sure you have selected which devices you approve for Beta Firmware. This can be accomplished by following a previous post here:

Please note, I believe that the latest Beta Firmware or 1.6.173 has been removed until the reported issues have been corrected.

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Same here… v3 cams syncing fine, v2 cams won’t sync using beta or production apps.


After joining the beta program, how long before the beta firmware becomes available? (Robot Vacuum)

You not only need the beta app, but you have to enroll the vacuum in beta updates. There’s also another issue right now. As noted above, they’ve stopped offering this beta version because it has apparently bricked some vacuums. Once they figure out the problem, they will likely roll out a new beta for testing.


Thanks Kal!

Hi Wyze robot vacuum beta testers who experienced the ‘bricking’ issue (update progress freezes or the vacuum goes offline) and already tried the following steps and didn’t help:

  1. disconnect the vacuum from the charging station

2.pressing and holding the power button till the light goes off (about 3s)

  1. pressing and holding the power button again to turn the vacuum back on

  2. If the rebooting succeeds, the user should hear the ‘turning on’ prompt

Please contact support and ask for the replacement unit. We do want you to send the defective unit back to us for further investigation. Please let the agent know that you have talked to the product manager of this product and they can start doing the RMA process and send you the new replacement unit. Getting the defective unit is very important to us and it helps us solve the issue. Thank you for your support!


I did this, and have the replacement on the way. At first, they mentioned sending the defective unit back, which I’m happy to do. But then later in the email confirmation, they stated that sending the defective unit back actually wasn’t necessary. If you do need it back, can someone send me the address info for shipping? I still have the original box, so I could get it shipped even before the replacement arrives.


How do I get the vacuum to update? It’s been over a week and it’s still on 1.6.126 and the device info says there’s no firmware update. It’s enrolled in the beta program but just doesn’t see any update… been waiting for spot cleaning for a while now and I can’t use it cuz the stupid thing won’t update >:(

They paused the roll out, because several people had their vacuums bricked by the update. You’ll have to wait until they find the issue and roll out a new beta.


I just got a notice, on my replacement robot vac (previous bricked), that I am supposed to upgrade to 1.6.173 . It is on 1.6.113 now. It this for real? I thought it was halted. Am I supposed to upgrade?

I also received the update and took the plunge and I am happy to report that it is working as intended.

I have added a new floor and used spot cleaning. Everything is looking good.


I’d assume that if you previously got the 173 beta and your new vac is enrolled in the betas, you’re probably grandfathered into that version even if others don’t get it.

But I don’t work for the company, so that is just a guess.

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Me, too. 173 was pulled because it was bricking some. After setting up my replacement, 113 showed up as an available update, because it was the most recent beta. Evidently, the issue with 173 has been fixed. :grimacing:
You first! :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:

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“Update succeeded”!!! :partying_face:

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I sure would love to hear from someone at Wyze before attempting this update. I have to assume that all will be well if they rereleased it. And I’m glad it’s working for others. But before I apply it to the new replacement I got, I sure would like to hear from Wyze. And I’m really curious about what happened, if they would share that info. @WyzeHongfei, is it safe to attempt it again?

I also was able to successfully upgrade the new one to 173. Went quick and smoothly. I see spot cleaning. About the app version. I never noticed it before, but the front cam light, normally blue, turns red when someone is watching it.

If you are currently on 1.6.113, yes, you are safe to attempt it again. :slight_smile:


Update was successful!

Good here also!