Wyze App 2.18, Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station, and Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan 4.X.6.241 Released! - 3/9/21

My outdoor camera never showed offline until this update to fix that. Now it only shows offline. Please get this fixed.

Notice lag of 1 to 2 seconds when using latest android app 2.18.18 and clicking camera group or individual cameras. No lag after reverting to previous version. Did any notice the same issue? Thanks!

I have had no end of problems with the outdoor cameras. What is the reason for a bas station? The indoor ones work direct to my router and never fail. The out door cameras are not reliable and I am fed up having to get the ladder out and bring them indoors. The only way to get them working again is to delete and reinstall. 2 day’s ago I did this again as they had gone “offline”. I put them back and 24 hours later they were offline again. The Base unit has never successfully connected to my router by wifi. Support just kept send me the instructions? My Computer Science degree may be a little old but I was working on routers in 1990. So my bas unit sits next to my router plugged in. I do not see its purpose? The indoor camera with a battery would work way better for me. I am thinking of trying that using a battery power pack. At present the Outdoor Cameras are not fit for purpose.

The base station is a translator/hub. The camera isn’t using wifi because it would take too much battery power – that’s why it’s using PIR to wake up the camera. Your indoor cams are actively evaluating what they see all the time. Again, very power intensive.

Still no proper support for iPad - come on guys!

I installed app tonite, When try to play event. Whole device froze.
Android 5

Unistalled it, and gone back 2 generstions app.

Is your sound detection actually picking up sounds the make sense? My sound detection has gone nuts as well and it seemed like it was regularly picking up sound every 10 minutes (almost exactly the same time apart each time) so not sure if that’s just the amount of time between sound events that they will notify you of, or if there is some other glitch with it.

I also noticed that the sounds that were being picked up by the cameras didn’t sound like normal sound events in the past. These all have the exact same sound and it’s more like a low hum, almost sounds digital in nature, so not sure if the rhythmic timing and sound of the devices is actually picking up sound or if there is some notification glitch.

Is your issue the same as I have described above?

My indoor cameras are fine. The outdoor ones are not fit for purpose as they constantly go offline angle have to reinstalled to get going again

How about you fix the Outdoor cams to not constantly fall offline and be rendered useless every other day…?

And have customer service actually help with the tickets, instead of templates responses that don’t help and leave customers helpless for several days+

This update broke the sound detection! I have it set at #1 and get constant sound detection notices now. This didn’t happen with previous firmware! PLEASE FIX IT. Multiple comments in forums of others having same issue. (The camera is at a second home, so no one is home, sound is minimal. I want sound detection, but this is driving me nuts!!!)

My outdoor cameras go offline allways when an update happens but other times too. Indoor cameras fine no issues. Mine are still outside not working because we had a huge snow storm just after they went offline again and I have not had time to collect them to reset them. Friend of mine has Blinks with no problems even through the storm. I thought about putting an indoor camera out there powered of power pack as they work great. I think the base station is the issue.

Well the latest base update broke the base. Both cameras went offline as they always do. I brought them in and deleted them as normal. Tried to reinstall them and both failed. I deleted and reinstalled the base. The base is always plugged into the router as WiFi has never worked with the base. Again I emailed Wyze and again got the install instructions. Now I was working with Cisco routers in 1990 so I am not a novice. All I ask is for a full refund so I can install some security cameras that work. The Wyze internal V2 cameras work fine do one of mine is now outside where I have power. The outside cameras are not fit for purpose from my experience. Wyze if you are listening please send me an RMA and you can have these back to play with.
Patrick Duffy MBCS.