Wyze App 2.18, Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station, and Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan 4.X.6.241 Released! - 3/9/21

We have a lot of releases happening today! These are mostly bug fixes and improvements such as modifying the map dragging range for Wyze Robot Vacuum, fixing a bug that caused Wyze Cam Outdoor to go offline, improving Cam Plus Event push notification time, and adding support for the custom detection zone for Wyze Video Doorbell.

But we’re also adding support for Wyze Bulb Color :eyes:

Android app 2.18.18
iOS app 2.18.21
Wyze Cam Outdoor
Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station
Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan 4.X.6.241

Read our Release Notes:



Mine didn’t update. I checked the Google Play store and it shows
Updated: March 9, 2021 (Makes sense)
Current Version: 2.17.41 (Which is what I already have installed. Should it be 2.18.xx?)

It may take a bit to populate for everyone. Check again in later today.


The Thermostat firmware was updated to 1.1.5.b1 but there are no release notes anywhere. Would you happen to know what’s new in this version? I am delighted to see that differential temperature can finaly be set, but I am most interested in whether the G wire no longer kicks on the blower fan as soon as the Thermostat calls for heat.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The update resulted in my Sensors going and staying offline. I had to unplug my V2, then plug it back in to get the connection to the Bridge to reset and work again.

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@vincent, sorry about that! Just some prep work for future stuff in that thermostat version. We pulled it so folks shouldn’t be able to update to that anymore. :slight_smile:

@isaiah58, our apologies! Thanks for letting us know.

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@WyzeGwendolyn So… my Thermostat managed to pick that up before it got pulled. Is there anything I should avoid until the “real” update gets released? :slight_smile:

Since updating my 4 cameras they are offline and will not come back on. This happened after the prompt saying updating and do not turn off your base. Well after 20 minutes of it spinning this is what happened. Weird part is I still get notifications and I can view them just not a live feed. Help!

Does this V2 firmware fixed the detection zone issues reported in previous release []?

The release notes doesn’t have the details.

Had no issues updating mine today.

Wyze customer support told me yesterday that the update did something to my base station and they are sending me a new one.

Post updates now the V3 is even more sensitive to motion like bugs that fly through the frame less than 1 second . Sensitivity is set to 3 on the V# and am getting alot more notifications for motion … So much for an improvement ., Wyze is probably making this sensitive on purpose so to push us to purchase Cam Plus … Not buying anymore crappy products from this company . Trying to send the Doorbell back and a week after contacting support still now return info . Also going to return the Thermostat …Never opened the box … I don’t trust this company with dependably heating my home .

Is there a way to rollback this update? My night vision on my v2 cams are non existent after this update, pretty much a black screen.

You can download the previous firmware version and put it on an sd card as “demo.bin”. You’ll have to check exactly which file that should be (I did it many months ago and forget what the downloaded firmware file(s) look like), but this is the filename the camera will be looking for to flash. Then unplug the camera, insert the card and plug it back in while keeping the reset button pressed until the light is solid blue (lighter than usual because the yellow light is on as well). It will take a couple of minutes to flash, but it will then reboot and be ready for use.

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The update bricked my PAN camera. Now it just has a solid yellow light. No change with power off/on, setup button, nothing. App shows it “offline” and unreachable. App showed an error code 90.

I updated and now the sound detection is CRAZY sensitive. Please fix this issue.

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Any idea when us Vacuum early adopters will receive our V3 cameras?

I think that mine is arriving today. I’ll let you know.

Mine arrived on Saturday