Wyze App 2.10 Released - 4/21/20

Yes, it does.

Go to play store and update.

Thx guys,. I will wait a few days…

Got the new firmware on wyze band, even though on this beta app the issue with alerts and shortcuts not working with the app closed on Pixel 4 XL seems to be back. Anyone else having these same issues?

Must have been a glitch because now it’s working fine even with the app closed.

I can not get any consistent results with Gmail. Sometimes I get notifications and mostly I don’t. Wyze camera notifications always work as do Texts (I use Google Voice). Can’t get Alexa to work. Phone calls don’t work yet either. (But maybe I set that up wrong).

Android after this update events videos not working right…once I play event video it gets gray and keep loading for like 4 seconds. That gray issue is back again. No good

Hi bfs.

I had the same problem after updating the app on Android. My solution was exit the app, and then enter again with my username and password.

Many frozen cams for around 10 seconds. When I switch to a cam, it shows 360 for about 5-7 seconds and returns to HD after. The application freeze many times. Many more other problems with this iOS update.


Most of the time, I got connection failure (stuck in connecting camera) after upgrading to this version, No matter it’s in the middle of viewing or just begin to view. Both iphone6 and iphoneX have this issue.


@pchiabrera thanks for suggestion I tried that the issue still there I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. That annoying gray still there when I tap settings it goes gray too.

Hey wyze the app is full of annoying gray. fix it…

I’m constantly getting stuck at Authenticating (2/3). Connection Failed (error code 0). All 6 Wyze cam pans that I have. Ended up restarting, etc. and its still happening intermittently.


With all problems I have with this update, It looks like the whole app is beta, not just person detection.


I am seeing this as well, IOS on Iphones and Ipads.

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This latest version of the Wyze app (for me) is FUBAR. I’m running the latest version of iOS on both an iPhone Xs and an iPad mini 4. There are so many things wrong that I don’t even know where to start. Note that all my cameras (four v1’s and four v2’s) were functioning fine prior to this latest Wyze app update.

I’m not a newbie to Wyze cams, and other than the occasional glitch here and there, my Wyze cams have worked very well. And as I said, they were all working fine up until I did this app update. Then all of them messed up to one degree or another. And the worst part of it is, other than two v2’s that are mostly dead, the other cameras may or may not screw up, causing me to constantly be jumping through hoops to get them working again.


This is a problematic update. Issues experienced so far:

  1. Dropping connections very frequently.
  2. Very slow connection timings.
  3. Automatic downgrade from HD to 360p or SD. Must switch manually after every login.
  4. Picture turns pink for a second when switching from portrait to landscape.

First time experiencing so many issues after an update. Running 2.10.62.


Looks like ios release has many bugs.
you guys should generate ticket.

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:+1:t5: :+1:t5:

I don’t know if this changed in this release, or earlier:

  • Under shared users it used to display the “Last visit date” and “Total Views.” Now, I don’t see that under this relased, just that the user accepted the share.
    Is this a deliberate change? or maybe I’m missing where to find this?
    I, personally, found this information useful.

Thanks in advance.

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