Wyze App 2.10.72 Released! - 5/7/20

After the firmware updates im getting motions notifications being picked up in the same place like 5 time since updating it last night. No trees just the shadow of my front yard

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Anyone keeping an Android tablet horizontal for viewing 12-sec Events find that when viewing these clips the app is now not auto-rotating to fullscreen landscape mode when accessing an Event either from an Android notification or from the Wyze app Event List?

When Wyze trying to jam health band and weight scale into Home cam, lock, bulbs, sensors. It make application more complex including failing user experience.


Hi, I had the same issue as @wyzzz. Massive battery drain with latest version 2.10.72 on Android 9 (March 2020 update). I solved it by disabling notifications in Android system settings, hope that helps the devs narrow down the root cause.

I only had the app open for 10 minutes today, but there must be a background process, relating to notifications, that’s constantly running, hence the 4 hours, 15 mins runtime indicated in the screenshot below.

Quick note to iDevice users and others following the thread … I don’t know how many coding differences are required in the Wyze app to support iPhones vs. iPads, but I do know that the operating systems are separate now, even though the latest version is 13.4.1 for both iOS and iPadOS. Might explain some of the difference in error reports? My $0.02 …

Wyze app Live View -> ROTATE
Android event notification -> no rotate
Wyze app Event List -> no rotate
Wyze app Playback -> no rotate
Wyze app Playback via Event shortcut -> ROTATE
Wyze app Live View via Event shortcut -> ROTATE
Wyze app Live View via Playback shortcut -> no rotate

Disabling notifications didn’t actually solve anything, it just seemed to not be as bad as before, I’ve now uninstalled and restarted phone, back to normal battery usage. See screenshot below, “CPU usage”, “Userspace Wakelock” and “Foreground process” are through the roof, all I did was uninstall Wyzecam app and reboot phone.


We’re sorry, folks. And I apologize for my delay in getting back here. I saw a couple of folks report better success with the Android app version released today.

How are things going now?

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn I’m busy testing 2.10.74, there may still be a battery drain issue, but I want to rule out any other possibilities first, will feed back on the 2.10.74 thread.

I’ve noticed the same thing. My battery is draining pretty quick and Wyze is the top app using battery power since the past 2 updates.

When I first got my Band and charged it the battery lasted about 2 weeks. Now I am charging every 3 or 4 days. Whats up with that??

They are working on a firmware update for that… See this post. Wyze Band Issue Updates - 05/12/2020

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll share it with the team. For Wyze Band, we’ll be testing a firmware update to resolve that soon.


So I’m still experiencing this issue, even on the latest release 2.10.74. There’s just so much lag when viewing cams in groups. I’ve even removed individual cams from groups and the lag is still present.

Can Wyze Support chime in? Is this a known issue?

This is primarily a user to user forum. There are some Wyze folks that visit but no one from support. For support you need to either call them or open a ticket on their support site.



suggest this thread is to be locked as .74 is ou and problem reportednow is .74 version .

No way…the latest version for iOS users is still .72. There is another thread for android .74.

On my side , I have many issues with the 2 lasts iOS updates. I don’t plan to buy more Wyze cams anymore nor other stuff. They have made money with cams and now they sell too many things. I don’t know if one of them is working correctly.

Check those comments since April 27 (2-10-62 and 2-10-72). I am not alone to have issues with these 2 updates. Since that time, I can’t use groups anymore…too many problems. Without grouping, the thumbnails views of cams are not in live viewing…:-1:t3:

I agree with @gyzmo, there are simply too many issues with this release and .74. I’m now noticing that I can’t create rules either - I consistently get a toast message that says “failed”. This never happened with previous releases.

@gyzmo - il est regrettable que l’app soit si buggy…ce n’était pas comme ça avec les versions précédentes!

The hell has begun with 2.10.62. I would like to revert back to 2.9.58. I had no issues with this one and olders.

Ton français est très bien🙂