Wyze Android app issues



I have a Pixel XL with the latest June 2018 Oreo update on it (installed this morning but had the same issue before and after). The issue I’m having is that the Wyze app uses the phone audio channel rather than media audio channel. Related or not, since installing the Wyze app, whenever my phone connects to my car bluetooth, it appears to initiate a phone call to my own number. I can’t say for sure it’s the Wyze app, but it’s the only additional app I’ve installed in the last several weeks (other app updates have been installed though) and it started immediately after installing the Wyze app and noticing that it utilizes the phone audio channel. I have gone for over a year without bluetooth issues in my car or with the phone.


I am having what sounds like the same problem on my Note 8. When connected to my car or my BT headphones, the Wyze Cam app uses the phone audio and it sounds tinny. Closing the app gets things back to normal, but only after a message saying, “call ended”.


My wife is having this same issue with her bluetooth Pioneer radio in her truck. Seems to get all messed up if she connects to a cam while connected to it via bluetooth.


I am having the same issue. This only happens when i try to use the mic or sound in the app. Once activated the app take over the phone audio and cannot be disabled unless the app is closed. This issue is also causing my samsung galaxy s8 to not receive notification sounds because the phone thinks a call is in progress. When will this be resolved?