Wyze Android App Crashes When Viewing Older Videos

This is not just one camera it is all of them even the shared cameras I can’t View from earlier today .
The strange thing is I can view clips from yesterday.
I have seen other people say the cameras useless but I never have, But the cameras are pretty much useless with this problem , if you can’t go back a few hours and view the clips.
What I’m running is v2.3.69

Yeah mine hasn’t changed, same issue.

I hope they put out an update to fix this soon

Fired up my tablet and tried to check on Event clips from June 9th and it crashes my whole tablet Not just the wyze app .
Tablet is froze can’t Open any apps until I restart The device :astonished::anguished::worried:
EDIT , Now the wyze app won’t open at all , Time to uninstall it I guess

I think so too .

Discourse is curbing HDRock’s enthusiasm, so I help them. :slight_smile:

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They emailed and asked me to send them a log file, I did and I have heard nothing back for days.

I just sent another support request and I got a reply within 2 minutes Ticket 252744
maybe maybe not they fixed it in the beta app, I don’t know I’m not running that right now.
Is pretty bad when it crashes my whole tablet

Same thing happened yesterday Crashing viewing older clips

Wyze App (Android) has also been crashing for me whenever I try to view older events. Crashes viewing any events after 6-8 hours from last event. Happens for each day too. Phones & Tablets with different Android versions & Wyze App versions also crash the same.

Sent feedback through the App over a week ago & haven’t gotten a response except for the automated reply with ticket numbers.

Also noticed a few others are having the same problem on Reddit r/WyzeCam

Myself and my roommate are having the same issue, app crashes when trying to view older video. I have a Pixel 3a but this seems to happen no matter what device I use. This is a major issue and I hope it’s being addressed in a new update.

Yeah still doing it for me, makes the 14 day storage a joke as it doesn’t work past 12 hours.
I submitted a ticket for it almost 3 months ago and got a reply having been told they would let me know and no one ever got back to me.

It’s funny how , for me, this problem pops up and then goes away and works fine , haven’t had a problem with it in awhile I can go back hours ,days ,whatever

Also still happening to me. I’m currently been talking to JR on Wyze Support who has been actively looking into this issue.

Please click “Report an issue” in the app, fill out the form, then select your email app & send the feedback log. Maybe ask it to be sent to “JR (Wyze)” in the comment section as well. After you get a ticket number, reply adding additional feedback logs from your other devices as well if you can.

The more log files they get from everyone having this issue, the better they can find the cause & fix it.

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I’m having the same issue right now and it’s driving me crazy. I need to access some footage from over a week ago at the request of my Sheriff’s Department, but I am not able to view the cloud events at night for that day. The cloud storage is the only chance I have, since the SD card doesn’t go back that far. And the cloud event will be overwritten in 4 days so they need to fix this bug ASAP.

Try , uninstall the app , restart your device , then reinstall the app.
I don’t know if that will solve it or not but it is worth a shot

I found out that it was because there were too many video events saved. So I deleted a lot of them for that camera and that day and now it works :slight_smile:

You found the clips you needed is that right ?

I can access that time frame now, yes, but actually I found I was looking in the wrong time anyway haha. I needed PM not AM. However, I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. It was a slim chance anyway.

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I’m having this same exact problem. I had a smash and grab robbery and I can’t access the footage to show the police. It was embarassing having 6 cops standing around watching me scroll over and over and having the app crash continually. This is ridiculous. I’m getting rid of these cameras. The system failed me when I needed it the most.

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