Wyze and MyQ issue

I have MyQ hub and 2 garage door sensors. I also have 2 wyze sensors to back up or become primary should something happen to MyQ.

Lately, MyQ sensors have been going AWOL and I’m having to reset them to get them back to the hub. I moved the wyze sensors to the opposite of the garage door(s) to no avail. I replaced the battery on the MyQ and still the issue.

Would the sensors affect MyQ is some way? I have them because Wyze detects a lot better than MyQ. MyQ can be partially open and still not report where Wyze does. I do open the doors with MyQ so eed t have that in place.


The Wyze sensors could be affecting the MyQ sensors if all of the sensors are on the same frequency. I’m not sure what frequency the Wyze or MyQ sensors operate on.