Wyze and AWS S3 Security Measures

AWS is the cloud provider for the Wyzecam storage, but I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is S3 encryption at rest being used?
  2. Does each user get a separate, isolated bucket for their videos or are they are aggregated into one bucket ( I know this is extremely unlikely, but I wanted to ask)
  3. Are the S3 buckets being accessed through the Internet or an endpoint in a secured VPC?
  4. Is it planned to allow us to use our own S3 resources in future?

Sorry, I know this goes deep into the technical weeds.



I am really curious about this too. The main thing that is preventing me from adopting or recommending wyze cameras. is the scenario where someone physically steals the camera. After a long chat with Wyze support a month or so ago it became clear that in the case above you cannot retrieve or view any recordings from that camera. :frowning::frowning: