Wyze Air Purifier Still Not Back in Stock

I’ve been waiting since May for a warranty replacement Air Purifier, some on the forums were saying it’s back in stock but customer support told me that it isn’t. How much longer Wyze? You’ve had my money for months now and I have a unit that doesn’t work as advertised.

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It WAS back in stock around 6:30PM PT on Aug 2nd. As soon as it came back in stock I texted my brother and my neighbor and my neighbor-friend even got one of them. Several of my friends on another Wyze Community platform also ordered several of them. The problem is that these are so high demand, that as soon as they come back in stock they have always sold out in less than a day. They were sold out the next morning. So it is just likely that they were already sold out by the time customer services was contacted about it because they were made available after support closes for the day, and they were sold out again just after the time Support comes back online the next day, so as far as support is concerned, they are not back in stock, which is true. They sold out fast.


Nice to know that warranty replacements weren’t given priority over new orders. Wyze is not the same company concerned with customer support and all about the buck now.

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