Wyze AC Controller

I have been eyeing “Sensibo” - the AC smart controller. I feel like it’s too expensive though ($100 ea). I wish Wyze makes something similar.

Voted. Never heard of this product before. This is one of the few genuinely good fit ideas for Wyze. It gets them into the environment business they want without burning down homes. It sounds ridiculously easy to do - this is just a smart WiFi receiver with an IR blaster. The parts can’t cost more than $20 tops. Plenty of room to compete. The only remotely (hah) hard part is tracking new air conditioner remote control models and codes. Good idea.

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@kester91405 And there you have it! Well, a wired one anyway. . .

Nah. That’s nothing like this wishlist item. Isn’t that new Wyze product a Nest thermostat competitor for traditional low voltage HVAC wiring?

This wishlist item involves IR control of mostly-dumb air conditioners and similar equipment through emulation of their remote controls.

Agreed, it just needs a learning IR transmittter module.

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This is a great idea!:+1: don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item by clicking the “vote” button.

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Plenty of inexpensive WiFi-to-IR controllers exist. The biggest problems seems to be with their remote code database. I’ve had two different types (Broadlink and the one built into my Switchbot hub), and neither had codes for even my brand of Window AC units (one Frigidaire, one GE), much less the specific model. The database the inexpensive ones ship with appears to be oriented toward AC units sold in China (or at least in Asia).

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Code databases make things worlds easier but learning remotes are dirt cheap and have been around forever. Should be doable?

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