Wyze 3-Way Light Switch

Beware these Kasa Switches can’t be used to trigger any other devices in IFTTT!

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+1 for the 3-way switch request. I saw the same at Costco that others have mentioned and was also surprised that the Wyze switches weren’t at least on par with what Costco was selling.

For some of my usages (outside lighting for example) a single pole, non-dimming switch is great and could be slightly cheaper, but there are many places where only a 3-way switch will work.


Wyze switch 3 way and dimmer support

I’d really like to see the smart switches and outlets updated to support dimmer functionality as well as a 3 way switch.


I would also like a 3 way light switch. I love my single pole switches but I’ve got a few 3 way circuits that need to be smart too. Thanks!

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I love these switches and they really solve a variety of problems for my family and me.
About half the lights in my house (and outside as well) are controlled by 3-way switches so it is absolutely integral for me to achieve a consistent experience with the product that this feature is supported.


a 3 way smart light switch

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You and many others! We all want to be able to have all our lights the same colour. Makes it harder to buy more if the effect is going to be messy.

I don’t know if it works with ifttt or not, but Amazon Basics does have a `reasonably priced 3-way and a 3-way +dimmer. For those who use Alexa it would require no new app.

Hi, I would like to see a three-way pole switch being able to control more than one light at a time would be great. For example to be able to control light and ceiling fan separately. Second example dining room light and back porch light.

Thank you.

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Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, this alread exists. You can add multiple instructions to each smart-switch action. These can relate to the same device (e.g. turn on a light, set its brightness and set its temperature), or it could relate to different devices.

what I am referring to is a physical three-way switch not the smart functions.

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Also dimmable!


This is what I use for the two 3-way circuits in my house. Looking forward to switching them with a Wyze version.

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same here. $10/switch at Costco in my location (sale price, $20 bundle for 2) - but if Wyze comes out with a 3-way option I’ll definitely “switch” over :grin:

3-way and 4-way wall switches and 3/4way dimmers that drop-in

Not one company makes a good smart 3-way or 4-way wall switch or 3/4way dimmers.

No one. I have used them all. I used to have 9 different “smart switch” control apps on my phone. They all stink.

There is no reason that Wyze cannot design a smart 3/4 way wall switch that only needs to replace the main switch (where the hot runners are). All of the current designs require all of the wall switches to be replaced with smart switch “slaves.”

Just call me, I can do a 5 minute presentation on how 3/4 way switches work and how you can make a drop-in switch (regular or dimmer) that just replaces the main.

And make it with regular-thickness mounting tabs instead of those plastic monsters, so it fits screwless covers.

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I thought the Feit ones sold at Costco worked that way (no smart switch slaves needed, with the main one only being replaced). And screwless covers seem to work on mine as well.

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My comment was about 3 and 4 way switches

Not just 3 way.

and stop making switches with the stupid thick plastic mount tabs. Wyze switches should fit and install just like a traditional switch so it will work with any cover or size box.

ah, gotcha - yeah great points.
If they could develop a 4-way switch like you explained that would be awesome. I would be in need of a couple myself!

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GE 3pack of 3 way smart dimmers $40

Metal tabs too. no cheap thick plastic. works w any switch cover.

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people don’t understand what a 3 way switch means