WTH are these? Spiral Orbs?

Does anyone have any idea?? This will only let me out one of up. I’ll add another one if I can.

A video clip is usually better to identify from, but they are usually dust particles or small bugs close to the lens.

#1 is ambiguous to me, but #2 is a tiny bug (you can see the wings flapping, which in a still pic makes it look like a long centipede).

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Dunno, just looks like a dog and a kid to me.

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I bumped up your trust level so you should be able to upload more files. A video would be better to see what is taking place.


Have seen those too. It wasn’t until I had one camera looking at another camera that I saw the are caused by bugs close to the lens of the camera or in the cases of this picture the bugs wings are moving a faster frame rate than the camera is sensing. It’s a strobe light effect.

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I’m pretty sure that’s Lucille Ball’s ghost. She’s visiting because of her picture on the wall. :grinning: