Would like filenaming convention to be timestamp

Including downloading events, they are all labeled the same name. Ideally it would be great to have filenames to be more like:
yyyymmdd_tt-tt-tt_{random seed}

thank you.

File and folder name in SD card has same names. I would need those files name under timestamp for better organizing. Also I realized the file creation date and time on windows file detail information shows 4 hours ahead from local time. I am hoping that creation time can be assigned to local time zone,


Additionally, because of these what seems like random arbitrary filenames. I have to modify each and every snapshot and video names by hand which in my case because I have a newborn and want to record everything. The amount of snapshots I deal with is large. So I would like to script it but found there are no meta data embedded in the images or their original datetime. Now the only way is to OCR the image to pull out the datetime stamp on the image.

REQUESTING the following enhancements:

  1. Give each file a unique {date}_{time} ie 20200809_150012.jpg
  2. Also embed in the image as metadata: datetime, cam name, manuf, cam type, location

thank you for consideration.