WOC floodlight with motion sensor

Thanks for the update. In a holding pattern until you get this resolved.


What irritates me is they know I bought it from their website but they won’t help any more until I find the info they want.

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How about you do a credit card chargeback? They should get their attention enough to look up your name in their order system…

So it continues. If it is set to D2D, the manual states “the floodlight turns on continuously from evening till morning” so that explains why the light comes on during the day. :grimacing::roll_eyes:

The manual also states the light sensitivity should be set to Low if the light is to come on when it is super dark. I had it set to High.

Coupled with not reading the manual, and assuming wrong, tonight will tell if these settings help.

Still waiting for their reply about the microUSB to USB adapter. The manual states “Open the USB port cap of the floodlight and connect the charging cable. Press in firmly. Connect the USB cable that comes with your Wyze camera to its microUSB cable and press in firmly.

You young whippersnappers are much sharper than this old man. I get it eventually…