Wireless connection password

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That’s why I’m not buying them

I may be incorrect, but in order to do what you want there would have to be a back door coded into the device so that the cam would need to be peer wifi connected and somehow the cam would be able to match a user id held by the cam and phone. Once the match is made password change would be possible.
It is quite a few lines of code, leaves a user id (or something equitable) in a then unsecure position, and allows for take over the cam by an outside source through spoofing. Again, I may be wrong, but that is my opinion.

For some devices, like Wyze, the existing hardware is precluding any way other than a reset.

On other devices an out of band connection is used. For example a Bluetooth or ZWave or Zigbee etc connection is used to allow new WiFi credentials to be loaded.

Of course having multiple radios increases cost, so it is unlikely we will see Wyze pursue such a course.

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Eh. That’s by design. One of the scenarios that occur to mandate a WiFi password change is to kick a device off the network. Why would any manufacturer make it easy to reconnect to a WiFi that just kicked you off? Change your WiFi password and every device in your home will need to reconnect by using the new password. Connecting a Wyze cam to WiFi takes a few seconds with the QR code. I don’t personally consider this an issue that needs to be fixed.

I would tend to agree. But all of my cameras are easily accessible as are yours I imagine. However we have folks on here with camera’s in widely disparate locations. For them a change in WiFi is going to be involved. Or folks with cameras that require a ladder to access.

That said I don’t see an alternative without either compromising security or significantly raising cost.

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Personally I think they should have thought ahead when placing cameras in hard to reach locations. You had to setup a camera by connecting it to the WiFi on day 1. Why would you think that’s not going to be required when you change the password on a device that doesn’t have a “sync to base” option? I get it. It’s annoying but that’s the device you bought - A $20 camera you have to individually connect to the WiFi per camera. I’m not sure why you’d have to take down the camera or even climb down the ladder to reconnect though. All you need to do is reach the setup button on the button. Maybe different housing makes that a pain, which I get.

I imagine it would be something like while your cameras are still connected to the current network, push the new WiFi profile to all the cameras. That would force all the cameras to disconnect from the current WiFi and try to reconnect (I assume repeatedly) until it works again.

Of course if you messed up and set the wrong ssid/password then you’ll need to manually reset them all.

It’s not a difficult solution, nor technically challenging to achieve. You’re all making it sound much harder than it needs to be.


You have to scan the QR code. Trying to do that while on a ladder is rather risky not to mention depending on ambient lighting etc it may not be practical.

Everyone’s use of the cameras is going to differ so it is not really accurate to represent the process as straightforward.

But as you said, presumably you knew it going in and equally you should not need to do this frequently.

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Now there is some “outside the box” thinking!
Will have to try that sometime.

It’s for your own protection and privacy!

Yes it is.

Wyze is not the only like that. I recently changed from my aging Apple Airports to Google Nest Mesh network and I decided to change my SSID since the old one was apply centric. I have a lot of devices. Alexa, Google even a few Arlo still (while I wait for the Wyze outdoor cam) every device except the Arlo’s required me to manually reconfigure each. I even kept the old wifi up in parallel thinking I could just connect to the Alexa or Google speaker and change the WiFi. Nope. I will say Googles was easier than Amazon’s but only the Arlo with a base station that is wired did not need anything. So while Wyze could make this easier, they are in the same company as the big guys.

Very true, in fact the majority of WiFi connected devices require manual per device intervention. It’s a pain in the butt but without having a second communication pathway or other method it’s something we are going to have to deal with for awhile.

There are forthcoming protocols being tested that allow for “in place” reauthentication but it will be a year or two before that enters the market.

Good to Know.

Even until that happens they could make it easier when you have both old and new networks available at the same time, but it could be no one supports that for security reasons. I do not know

Thank you for the information. Very Interesting

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I never even thought about this until I had a lightening strike recently that took out my router. Figured it out pretty quickly after new router set up. Two of my cameras are on my front porch and well out of my reach - have to wait for a son to come and get them down for me - just not able to do a ladder any more. Had no trouble resetting the ones I could reach.

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I have 4 Wyze cams at about 12-15 feet. I had to get a ladder and reset them all when my router went down. It is so terribly inconvenient. I would pay more per camera to not have to do that. Please fix this issue Wyze! I know y’all can do it!

I really need Wyze to stay low priced and unencumbered by modules.
(I hope they read my comment and ignore all the rich people here asking for a more expensive product.)

I have six Wyze and six Microseven, and every time I change modem/routers I have to take them all down and bring them in to reconfigure… Like today. Took me three hours. There’s always one or two that want to fight you.