Wireless Cam

Hi. I currently have two Pan Cam’s and all is good with them.
While looking through the website, I noticed a wireless camera was available. I’m looking for some information about this camera. I have an area in my home that is fairly remote- that has no electrical outlets. I’m wondering if the wireless cam might be an ab option here - is it battery operated? Or, does “Wireless” refer to another feature other than the powersouce?
Thanks for your help.

Can you post the link you are referencing?

I just bought 2 of these. They still require wire for power.

The wyze Cam V2 must be powered to use (it does not have a battery), and is designed for indoor use (it is not weatherproof).


As @Demonfire indicates, Wyze does not currently have a camera that is battery operated. However, an outdoor camera is in development that will have battery capability. See the topic, and specifically the post, linked below:

I’m waiting for the wireless version to come out. I’d like to replace my Ring doorbell with it.

There is a Wyze doorbell listed on the Roadmap

My bet it’s that it will blow out the competition!

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