Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Awesome!!! $50 is an amazing price point!!

I’ll be ordering these today :slight_smile:

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When will these be available in Canada? :canada:


+1 , I would pre-order if shipping to Canada was an option.


I don’t have a timeline to promise but I do have a recent update about our progress on that front. :slight_smile:

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That is fantastic news to hear!

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Now that Wyze Headphones are available for pre-order, the title of this topic has been edited to remove “earbuds”. You can hop over and vote for the earbud #wishlist topic here:


Will these remain $50 after the preorder is over?

Replied to your question in the other thread. :wink:


Will the Wyze Headphones work with a PS4 as both headphones and microphone?

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Wyze Headphones can connect to game consoles if they support Bluetooth headsets. If the game console doesn’t support it, then they would only work as headphones but not microphones.

Any idea what date these will start shipping? I pre-ordered 7 in September and can’t be more excited!

Mine just shipped about 5 minutes ago.

Same! Thanks

Hi Gwendolyn,
I’m from the UK and came across your headphones and they’re exactly what I’m looking for. However it seem they can only be bought in the USA, do you know if you’re going to have a distributer for the UK or how I can get a hold of the headphones?

Thanks :grinning:

If you know and trust someone in the states, have them order them and forward it along to the UK. Hope you are able to get a hold of some soon!

I’m sorry, I don’t know when or if we’ll have a UK distributor in the future. I’d go with millettcf’s advice, if possible.

@WyzeGwendolyn any plans to create an earphones product? I’d like to see an affordable AirPods Pro like product from Wyze that has all the features of the headphones.


Would love to hear about any future plans in wyze’s roadmap related to this. We currently have several pairs of AirPods in the house that need to be replaced as the mics have stopped working, and I’d love not to spend $190 on AirPods Pro or equivalent, especially if Wyze is working on something interesting.


I would love some ear buds too! Maybe even call them
Wyze earbuds pro? To make them stand out a little bit
And they should be in the classic shiny white of the wyze cam. Maybe down the line come out with a black version too! Just hope they last as long as my galaxy buds

In my opinion “earbuds pro” sounds really stupid in any context.

"Wyze Buds* would be a simple and elegant name.

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