WIreless Bluetooth Earbuds / Headphones

This has 14 up votes and is in testing, Smarthings integration is at 1500+ up votes and still under consideration. Wyze has really lost the plot with respect to the cameras if it’s “testing” bluetooth headphones practically nobody asked for but isn’t according the same importance to far more integral things like integrating Wyze cams with other smart home platforms

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Thanks for the update! Please let us know once the testers have been picked :slight_smile:

Wishlist thread 6739 turns around and laughs, then sighs.

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Oh, wow. That’s just hilariously sad. I’d forgotten about this and am just running an emulator for it.

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Hi, folks!

We’re tidying some stuff up in Centercode so the invite to the test platform isn’t going out until tomorrow at the earliest. However, we have selected the testers and hardware is going out to them starting today.

For folks that were not selected for this round, I’m about to send out the email. We really appreciate how many people applied for this hardware test! And we wish we had more prototypes to send out. Thank you everyone for your support.

Also, I was really hoping that @slider_alt and @dansmailis were in the pool. I’m very sad to hear that you missed the call out. :frowning_face:


Well, I’m here if you need me. If anything opens up, I’d love to help. I’m even willing to drive up to Seattle to pick them up :grin:.

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Hah! Let’s hope that the shipping lines don’t break down THAT badly. But I’ll definitely keep you in mind if we have more open up. :slight_smile:

It’s only a few miles from me…

Thanks for all the communication.

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My pleasure and right back at ya! :slight_smile:

It’s because I’m green isn’t it?!

I hear that it ain’t easy being green.

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Thanks for keeping us updated!

Did I miss the window to enroll? I tried the link but was says no longer vailid. :frowning:

Yup. It went fast. I didn’t get in either.

so bummed out. I hope Wyze will need extended data and recruit more volunteers. The only beta test I would not do is the locks because family person. Not sure if I offered the suggestion but if Wyze take one of their motion sensor product and tweak it to set to identify human falling, that would be cool. In addition Help I fell down tools (voice activated 911 with a command. A command like Hey Wyze call 911. Sorry for the rant. I already suggested this to Gwen I think is great as a PR person with Wyze.