Wireless battery version Video Doorbell

I have an older house that doesn’t have an existing doorbell whose wiring can be used to power the Wyze Video Doorbell. I’m considering a C-wire transformer as an option, but really don’t want to have to drill a hole from the inside to the outside of my front door to run the wire.

A wireless Video Doorbell seems like a natural option, and should include a wireless chime as well (since of course without a doorbell I don’t have an existing wired chime). My current wireless doorbell has a chime that plugs directly into an AC outlet so it can be positioned where it’s the most audible.


Hi Steve

Could you please elaborate a bit more or share some link on how a novice DIY’er can install the wiring needed to install this doorbell. My house doesnt come with a wired doorbell and I would rather avoid the big store wireless doorbells, and had been waiting for Wyze to release this for the past year. Dissapointed that the wireless version is not yet available and I couldnt locate any product roadmap to announce when thsi will be made available.

Hence, it would be great if you can point to a link or instructions on how we can drive wires/transformer to have pre-wiring done before installing this.

Much appreciated.


I would like a wireless version of the currently for pre-order Wyze Doorbell (Hard-wired). Any else looking for this as well?


100% please release one with a battery option

I stand by all of your products and recommend them to everyone and even set up a few homes for my friends and family.

For people who rent and aren’t aloud to hardwire a new doorbell, a battery option will open up a new market and also be a competitor to the ring! Fact is Wyze is my far a better system then the competition so this addition will kill the gameeee!!


I was so excited to hear about the new WYZE doorbell, BUT sorely disappointed when I saw that it was hardwired only. We currently have the ring doorbell which is battery powered, and we are NOT happy with it. We don’t mind the battery charging one bit, but we are not happy at all with the performance of the ring. We’ve SO been waiting for a WYZE doorbell only to be disappointed :frowning: Please make a battery operated one!!


Hi…just checking to see if there is a wireless video doorbell in the works?


Same boat here… :cry: can you send a link to converting a non-wired home into a wired home??

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Wyze has released their doorbell. Great however it needs to be powered which is no good if you don’t have a doorbell circuit or the doorbell is on a gate rather than the house. A battery doorbell would solve this. The chime could be powered inside and the sd card could also be inside the chime as well as cloud recording. Please consider making a battery version for those that don’t /can’t run power.


Would it be possible for you to make a non-hardwired version of your video doorbell? I live in an apartment that does not have a wired doorbell of any sort. Thanks!

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A battery-operated video doorbell for those who don’t have wired access would be great! I would order 3 of them.

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Definitely would be an amazing Wyze product and I’d buy it asap.