Window Screens


Has anyone had any luck aiming the camera outside through a window that has a screen on it?


Yep. Looks like crap. The camera focuses too well on it.


I have yet to move mine outside!

So I temporarily mounted it to a window on the inner door. The outer door has a screen (nylon black fine mesh) that is 4-5 inches away.

My wyze cam v2, can see right through both no prob.

Regular images - clear (nice color)
Motion detection - excellent @ level 6
Sound detection - excellent @ level 1
IR - set to auto - was my only adj. Issue.

Had to get the glare of IR off the glass for night time operation.

Used an old black cloth to catch glare points (2 of the 4 lights).

Camera can still pick up breezy bush movement, IR night images & motion tracking well over, 100 ft away.

So much so, that I had to block off some of the window. To keep it from tracking traffic 35 - 45 yds away!

The close-up feature is affected to the point of blurring enlarged closeups of faces. All else is A-ok by me!



Pix of day n night views!


Looks OK! Good enough to make me want to try it today. If I like it, will order one of their new black ones on Black Friday! Thanks for posting!


I am happy enough with this! Now I get to buy the black one on Black Friday!