Window PC?

I’m using my Wyse cams on iOS primarily. Is there a way to view them on a PC?

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“Welcome to the party, pal.” Short answer: no, not easily.

There is but I don’t like it. I got the WYZE android app from Google play and Bluestacks and it works on my Windows 10 PC but I rarely use it because I have two iOS devices. I just wanted to see if it worked and it does.

I agree, There really should be a dedicated PC app. So many working from home it would be nice to just have it running on a second monitor and not have to look at my phone with every alert.

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FYI - as of today (as far as I know), the Alexa app for Windows 10 supports video/audio for Wyze cams, so if you use Alexa, you can install the Windows app, and view/use your Wyze cams.

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Really? That’s a potential game changer! Unfortunately for me I can’t seem to convince Alexa my cameras can do live view.

It works! Even though my new Android Alexa app still says “Live view not supported”, the Win10 app for the SAME cameras works just fine!

You can only launch one at a time but this is a huge step forward. Thanks @jack4!

You’re welcome. Certainly not the same as a Wyze app in Windows, but like you said, a huge step and convenience.

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It has been 9 months since an update to this. When will Wyze allow customers to see a live camera view (and recorded events) on our online (web) accounts (on a Windows PC)? (Like Google Nestcam.) I’m tired of being stuck to my phone.

Hello @philwhite23 and welcome to the community.

They have released a beta version of a web client that you can view on a PC, it requires Cam Plus, if you have Cam Plus enabled cameras you can try out the beta at


The Alexa Win10 app stopped working for a lot of us (in viewing Wyzecams).

Just so you know it will not work with the WYZE Out Door cams if you have any .

I’m about to regret my investment in the Wyze ecosystem. They are obviously moving to a monthly pay-to-play to use the hardware I have already bought.