Window Mount

Are the window mounts useful or are you better off with an outdoor mounted camera? If using a window mount, does the glass (double pane, in my case) cause any glare (especially during night-time recording)?

Since the WyzeCam v3 is outdoor rated, I simply mounted mine outside of a few windows, attached to the window sill. Since the supplied USB power cable is flat, I just carefully closed my window on top of the cable. The weather-stripping on the bottom of the window had enough ‘give’ to handle it.

I find this setup works much, much better than trying to do an indoor window mount. The starlight sensor in the v3 cam also means that you really won’t need to use the IR lighting at night, as long as you have some exterior lighting active. The color night video is really pretty amazing from these v3 cameras.


That’s a good option if your window can accommodate the cable. Unfortunately my windows won’t and I suspect this is the normal situation for most people.

I have two V3s, on inside windows, pointed outside. The Wyze window mounts really cut down the ambient outside light reflection.

I also have two other V3s positioned outside the house, covering other areas of the yard.

Obviously having cameras outside is the best option, but in my opinion, the inside cameras coupled with the mounts (where outside mounting really isn’t an option) is a real improvement over a naked inside V3 pointed through a window.

Amazon also sells the mounts. Might do a price check there.

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There many factors to think about when making the window VS. outside mount decision like if the camera could get vandalized/moved, how it looks, and more. My opinion is that if you can get a camera outside, you should.
If you can’t, use a window mount. I have V3s with window mounts and the work very well. You’ll have to disable the status and IR lights, but the V3s starlight sensor gives it great night vision even without the IR lights.

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Do you think I could put adhesive Velcro on both the Wyze brand window mount and Velcro on the window so I can move camera more easily (instead of using adhesive that comes with window mount)?


That would work. I’d suggest using black Velcro so it matches with the mount.

One way to mount a Wyze Cam outdoor on a smooth surface: use a gooseneck cell phone mount that has a ‘squeeze’ clamp to hold the cell phone. It perfectly fits a Wyze cam!
example on Amazon here:
Hope this helps!