Will you sell your wyze car?

I used my own battery pack I previously posted


First 360 tumble?


Uhh, are both of the plastic rails supposed to be identical as opposed to distinct Left and Right sides? (You know, so that the horizontal bars will actually fit into both rails…)


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They have a notch in the rails and line straight bars with the notch. The straight bars only go in a certain way. Don’t use a lot of pressure.


It’s a very slight difference between the two. Basically a little notch at connection points.

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Yup, mine are identical. I noticed that as soon as I picked them up and figured they should be mirror images of each other.


Third dot flashing :weary:

Likewise on the 3rd dot. I plugged it into my PC, so probably not the fastest charge time.

4th flashing…I’m going pull it. :upside_down_face:

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What is your review on it. @Carlito ? I am going to wait until my original power pack hits four dots

Need and want are two different things. With the SD card, you could use the cam as a normal Wyze cam (have to flash bios)

I waiting on everyone’s reviews. I am hoping the original battery puts out more power. As of right now, I can’t move in tall grass or an incline. The front wheels hardly turn unless they are in motion. App seems to be unresponsive sometimes with percect WiFi. The cam comes lose on bumps and when I push it down, it goes to setup mode. It’s is really cool on a hard flat surface.

Only 0.3% of total units have hit eBay? Of those, less than a third have sold. My guess is most people won’t be selling. The question remains, how many will be buying?

I agree, outside it’s okay, flat surface in the house and garage it’s really fun. Kids and I put some action figures on it and drove it around the house. I had issues getting travel mode set up

I did too. “Travel mode” needs work. It is also very noisy. So much for sneaking up. :sweat_smile:

The power issue could be fixed with an app update or add a crawl mode, kind of like “4x4 low gear”. I am hoping there will be some mods available. Gear swap maybe or lift kit. :grinning:

That would be awesome.

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I have not tried it yet, but if you log into your network with VPN you could control the car out of state. It needs a charge adapter like the vacuum. Bump and charge