Wildlife detection for Cam Plus

Add wildlife detection to cam plus. We often have deer, raccoons and occasional bobcats wandering around at night that we like to keep an eye on.
Another option might be to expand the pet category to animals in general, since the ai might have a hard time distinguishing a cat from a raccoon (or a pug from a pig or loaf of bread ;))

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I believe pet detection is currently in testing, but detection of larger wildlife and specific animal detection would be great!

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Add AI events to detect wildlife - either generic or specific, such as deer, rabbit, etc. This way a camera can be used to trigger wildlife deterrent actions, like turning on sprinklers, or playing a dog barking sound on an outdoor speaker (or on the camera itself).

Pet vs. Animal or Critter

Could “Pet” be universally changed to “Animal” or “Critter”? Would everyone who monitors their pets be irritated to have them called something else? It. sure would solve the massive. amounts of wildlife being improperly categorized. Do it once through software and be done with it.

Ideally wild animals would be a separate category from pets, though it may be hard to distinguish them. But that would be great for home automation if you have pets and wildlife is visiting your backyard. I would take separate categories even if the distinction between them is not perfect. I would also be happy if there was a single category, but it was able to detect rabbits. Rabbits don’t come up at all in AI detection (for me).

I agree - ideally. But for a quick fix, I could use just one critter category instead of calling my humming birds and possum and raccoons and fox as pets. Much more difficult to do through AI. How could it ever tell the difference between a coyote and a house dog?