Wildfire Detection

Hello all. New to Wyze and the forum and a dinosaur to boot. But here goes. Living in HI in Waikoloa, facing many miles of open lava fields prone to extreme brush fires. Lots of fast growing (and dying) grasses. Fuel. Lots of it. Last brush fire was an 18K acre monster moving at 40-60 MPH.

Sooo, was thinking if the upper spectral sensitivity of the cameras’ sensor extended toward or beyond 2,000 nM or beyond, there might be enough sensitivity to pick up the ignition ‘bloom’ in the IR spectrum at some distances (miles). Don’t need thermographic discrimination, only the awareness of an ‘ignition’ event. Add an IR bandpass (visible blocking) optical filter and modify your recognition logic and you’re off and running with a wildfire detector. Here in Hi (and CA, as well), we’re all on high alert, all the time.

There are some excellent papers on forest fire spectral chacteristics that are right on point. Many detector arrays are inherently responsive to far IR, but not often used in favor of cryo -cooled units with extreme sensitivity. Worth a look??