WIFI Smart Switch with 2-way?

Do they make any Smart WIFI IFTTT wall switches that send events when used locally?

Yes, I just installed some Gosund smart switches and I really like them so far. Very fast responding through the Smart Life app. They work with Ifttt, alexa, Google assistant, etc. You can take a look at them here:
Edit: Mine are single poll but I have seen 2 way and 3 way smart switches on Amazon.


So would it be possible using IFTTT to have a second smart switch mirror the one your using and turn on or off a second light in another room?

It is possible to have a wifi switch open or close depending on the action of another switch or any other wifi connected device via IFTTT. But I wouldn’t. You could experience delays up to 15 minutes via IFTTT.

Set up smart automation scenes in the Smart Life app to do this and the response will be nearly instantaneous.