Wifi signal strength shown on camera screen


I have an idea. In the next firmware update you should display the internet signal strength on the camera screen. Make it like the wyze logo where you can turn it off or on.


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The app already gives the signal strength (in the advanced settings), however a RSSI value would be nice…

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This would really help - when positioning the cameras around the pool and patio I have no idea what the signal strength is - would be fantastic addition


IDK, my cameras are stationary and the signal varies anywhere from 97% down to the mid 50%. Also, I don’t know how frequently it is updated, so it may not be useful as a live indicator. Having the camera monitor constant updates of signal strength for one time positioning needs may impact other performance as well. I think there are some phone apps that already do this.

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In advanced setting my WiFi signal strength says “not supported” for both my pan cam but gives me percentages for my v2 cameras. Why is that?

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I mean in device info not advanced settings

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