Wifi extender


I just installed a WiFi extender; how do I get the cams to drop the old connection and recognize the extender?


Hello @18wheelz, when you have moved your Wyze cam from one network to another set it up as new to the same account so then you can be asked to enter in the new WiFi details.

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Ok thanks!


No problem!


so excited! i have a screamin’ good connection now. dumping the old connection and re-connecting was a breeze.


Glad to hear that :grin:


Just to clarify, add it as a new camera, but do not delete the camera from the app first. This way, the settings and 12 second cloud clips will be retained when it is reconnected.


i deleted it first, but all the settings stayed. i don’t care about the clips.


Your WiFi extender should use the same SSID and password so that your clients can seemlessly roam between the two access points. Naming the extender differently will work but it’s not recommended.