Wifi extender with Outdoor Cam?

Can I install a wifi extender between the base station and the outdoor camera? If yes, how do I do it?


I think you just need an extender which has an Ethernet port and then plug the base station into that ethernet port.

doug11, are you saying that I should pair the extender with the router and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the base station?

Yes, there are other posts in the forum that indicate people do this often. I assume your base station is currently plugged into your Wi-Fi router and working properly. And then you configure extender, pairing I guess, to have the same SSID has the main router. And unplug the base station from the router and power source, and go plug the ethernet cable into your extender and a power source near the extender.

You can’t extend the signal between the base and the cameras but you could make the connection between the router and base wifi by using the method @doug11 is referring to.

Thank you to everyone who responded! I hadn’t even considered putting the extender in front of the base unit.

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Powerline network adapters?

Yes, if you have an AC outlet close to where you want the base to be.
The limitation is, both Powerline adapters have to be on the same side of the breaker panel, not necessarily the same breaker but the same 120V line.