Wi-Fi - In App SSID update/change for all Devices

I saw a similar post to this one and voted but it was limited to Cams.
I am sure this applies to a variety of Wyze products, but the one that would benefit the most would likely be the thermostat. If a user changes the wifi settings, youll have to remember your thermostat wiring and reconfigure the entire system and run tests, just to be able to add the new wifi information onto the device.

I’ve seen other IoT products and apps have the ability to change the wifi credentials within the app, but im certain that by the time we remember to change the wifi settings on the devices, the app won’t be able to communicate with the device (unless its paired via a different technology like bluetooth or some sort of Ad-hoc network within trusted app and device) so maybe the initial setup can be modified to where you can skip over certain aspects and just enter the new wifi if a config already exists in the device without having to reset?

Lots of room for ideas here.

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I agree 100%!!! We need a way to allow all products to search for a WIFI if they’re not connecting to the previous one. We changed WIFI today and now I have to climb ladders to take cameras down (I’m a senior citizen and don’t need to be on a ladder), change all my plugs, and the thermostats are the WORST of all (we own 2)! I don’t remember the wiring so I guess I’m stuck using the manual controls for now. I would be just as well off keeping the old type. The thermostat issues are difficult at best if you have to start over. Please consider adding a feature on the app to change wifi settings!

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