Why Wyze scale need my location to connect and download the data

Hi all,
I was really excited with the smart scale and the band but 2 thinks made me a little bit concerned.
First share my location, second running on background.

For the background stuff I fully understand, the band is not able to send notification, give weather, locate my phone, etc… If is not running all the time on background.

But I still do not understand why my location is needed for the scale.
I ask the support of Wyze and they gave me 2 answers.

  • Wyze Scale uses a Bluetooth connection only , not Wi-Fi. With Bluetooth devices your location is needed to be able to analyze the distance between you and your phone, and the devices you are trying to pair with. While the location is not needed to take your measurements, it is used to be able to pair your phone with the scale using Bluetooth.
  • The Wyze scale requires the location to be enabled in order to use the GPS / It is needed for the scale use to give accurate information / Bluetooth permission is tied to location service so it is needed or else Bluetooth won’t be able to connect.

Make any sense for you guys?


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I discovered tonight that the Wyze scale connection requires location permission on my Android phone, it gives an error popup and will not let me connect to the scale without permission. I checked and once location permission is granted it will connect to the scale with and without the phone’s location service enabled. I don’t use geofencing for cameras and I don’t own a Wyze lock so as far as I’m concerned this app doesn’t need access to my location for anything.
Does anyone specifically know why the app requires location permission to connect to the scale?