Why Wyze has so many good reviews

Ever wonder why Wyze has so many good reviews on their website? This may be the answer.

Recently submitted the following in regards to my purchase of the Covid test kits in response to a request from Wyze for the review:

Product good - customer service NOT!

Valid product at a decent price. Shipping promises and purchase cancellation policies leave a lot to be desired and are NOT what is expected from a company in today’s world.

After posting it I got the following from Wyze:

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

Looks to me that Wyze is not only afraid of the truth but actively tries to hide it.


A coupla nutz from a search squirrel :wink: :rat: (closest thing they had :woman_shrugging: )


It still makes no sense to me that people put faith in reviews posted and hosted by vendors. This includes Amazon. There seems to be some sort of gentlemen’s agreement to not skew them too much (rigging by 3rd party sellers and review bribes notwithstanding). So like many people I use them anyway as one factor in decisions.

What I’m saying is Wyze blocking negative reviews isn’t exactly a surprise.

On the other hand they are very lenient about criticism in this forum.


It wasn’t a negative review - 3 star 'cause I did get what I ordered at the price I expected.

Of course it’s entirely possible (probable given Wyze’s action) that Wyze considers anything less than a fawning 5 star review to be negative. Makes no difference to me in the long term as this will be the last interaction I have with them - with the possible exception of a customer dis-service contact.

Many customer service organizations have gone down to a Yes / No binary survey format. Anything not "dissatisfied* is considered happy face satisfied. We’re getting there with reviews too. Siskel and Ebert were ahead of their time.