Why will the Wyze App not work on Android 10?

We have a tablet with Android 10 but the Wyze app says it is not supported on the device. What version of Android do you have to have?

You can look up sideloading. It’s not difficult.

It works on my Lenovo M10 Full HD tablet and that’s Android 10

It might be an issue with the tablet itself, I have it working on my own phone with Android 10.

Galaxy tab A, here. Android 10, works perfectly

Thanks for the replies. My tablet is an RCA. Kind of an off-brand but it says its Android 10 and when you try to install from the Google Play Store it says the device is not supported. I would not think the device itself should matter as long as it runs a supported Android version.

It is the device not the Android version.
Wyze isn’t careful enough when putting the app on Google.
You can easily sideload the Wyze app.
Download it here. It’s ssfe.

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I just bought a generic Android 10 tablet from Amazon and the most recent Wyze app won’t run on it, even when “sideloaded.” Instead, I had to sideload an earlier version of the app, 2.23.21, and that worked, for now. I’m not sure what will happen if they start push updating the firmware on the cameras so that only newer versions of the software will run.

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By generic what do you mean? You bought one the cheap tablets off places like wish, geek or other straight from China knock off sites? If that’s the case, it’s porb not Android 10. For example I bought an android TV box off wish that said it was Android 10. Well when I hooked it up and checked the device info, I found out it was Def not. Here is a screenshot of my “Android 10 box” info…

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I also have an Android 8.1 tablet that should support Wyze app but Play Store says it’s not supported. I have a Pixel C.