Why was Android hardware decoding removed?

As an over 40, I agree. Light micro text on light background is difficult to read.

Yes, this works if one does not totally disable all app updates from the higher menu. I did that latter since I could not risk a new download to android OS resetting it nor risk google’s “we control you” policy via their playstore monopoly being revised at any time they chose (including a new version download) resetting my settings and reinstalling my wyze apps to latest versions.

I AM SICK OF GOOGLE. Smarphone companies were INSANE to let Google come in and be the sole means to update apps and dictate technical requirements on all apps (e.g. 64 bit libraries). There should be a trusted public domain installation application for android and IOS. Google is dictating their terms of existence to the entire cyberspace and controlling social policy too based on their own radical-left big-state global ideological world view. They are now censuring every content provider on You Tube and destroying free exchange of information. They are shaping our social and world views by gaming their search results to quash content they don’t want you to see or consider. Big Tech is abusing everyone now. It’s going to come to a head soon. The next step will be to refuse credit card transactions for products and services from merchants that refuse to be part of their coalition.

End of rant.

Not to diminish the original meaning of time’s up - because clearly, men are incorrigible dogs - but clearly, there needs to be a time’s up moment for big tech. Clearly.

Big tech learns nothing from dog & pony fanny-spanking in front of Congress. I think they kind of like it. :blush:

BTW, buried deep in the incorrigible dogs linked piece above is this little nougat, or marshmallow… whatever.

Just over half of all Android devices run Android 6 or an earlier version of the system, according to a Google analysis from October [2018].

I’ve been feeling kind of sheepish hanging on to old-things-that-still-work but it appears I’m (narrowly) in the majority.

Good question. I haven’t updated ANYTHING since the Hardware Encoder Snafu. I figure if it’s working, why risk it. :wink: I haven’t seen anything I need being upgraded as i only have Cams.

I really suspect Wyze doesn’t have a separate testing group. Instead the developers are doing the testing. If so, that would explain the type of bugs I’m seeing. And previously-fixed bugs that resurface in later versions.

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I’ll go one step further and propose they don’t/didn’t have a formal testing protocol - or if they do it reads something like:

  1. Install new firmware/software.
  2. Does camera/app start?
    If ‘no’ send back to engineers/developers to figure out why.
  3. Does camera/app perform basic functions?
    If ‘no’ send back to engineers/developers to figure out why.
  4. Release to public.
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Somehow my disable in playstore of autoupdate to prevent my last good HW accelerated version from being overwritten got re-enabled today all on its own. That auto installed the latest Wyze app version from 8 Oct (version 2.5.36). When I saw the message I freaked out and was annoyed that I may have to uninstall it all again and go back. Spot checked a few SD playbacks with the new app version anyway before I did that. And it seems so far to be working on an old Samsung J3 I use for the app.

Will look into it some more later in the day and week to be sure its stable.


What about HD playback? I don’t use SD playback.

SD in the context of my comment refers to the microSD memory storage chip that most of us use. It is a type of removable flash memory card used for storing information. SD is an abbreviation of Secure Digital,

You are apparently mixing a different concept. I am not talking about HD or SD video resolution. HD video in the context you apparently are thinking refers to 1080p resolution, sometimes called "Full HD ", and a significant step up from 480p, generally referred to as standard definition ( SD ), or “DVD quality.” .

If you did not install an extended memory SD card then none of this applies to you since all you have are the short 12 second event videos stored on the Wyze cloud to playback to see “events”. SD cards let us see all of the video for a particular time - much more content than a mere `12 second SD video capture from the cloud. Comprehende?

  • HD - hgh definition video. This is a mode of video capture and playback and is not directly related to the extended memory SD card
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It would be awesome if we can run everything local and not have to connect to an external server.

I am as well like the rest experiencing insane lag even on my 10G network with 1G Fiber internet.

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License Wyze server software, register a domain, operate a 24/7 server, emulate an AWS server. Then you’re set to go. :grin:

No need to be snotty…understand?? I do use microSD in all of my cams. SD stands for Standard Definition… microSD is a card.

I really don’t think he was trying to be. Just very detailed. :slight_smile:

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Then the “comprende” was not needed.

Sorry that you can’t take free help and clarification intended as much for others reading along and felt a need to go find offense when none was given. It’s not all about you but helping the scores of others who follow these threads and often lack much technical insight or even have familiarity with the “lingua franca” and technical jargon. Maybe just presume instead that if I had intended to be offensive I’d have been much more direct [MOD EDIT].

Like data transmission lag and communication packet-loss that’s a loss of time and life I’ll never get back. It’s my free community service hobby - no need to presume the worst to insult my free charity contributions. Wyzen up… :wink:

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Hi everyone, for those of you still having video lagging issue, I want to ask you a favor and invite you to test an Android app V2.6.371. It has a toggle to switch between software and hardware decoders on livestream page. We also added more rendering logs if you send us an app log. If you decide to test the app, please let me know if the issue persists on hardware decoder and submit app logs to us.
How do I send app logs?
Android V2.6.371 Download link