Why was Android hardware decoding removed?

Same thing! Fix the App. I have 5 cameras and 3 sensors. I am very frustrated. Won’t buy WYZE anymore.


Whatever you did, please change it back. Or tell me what I can do to get my live feed to not look like everyone is moving underwater. It is ‘slow’. And the response for moving the view of my Cam Pan even slower. I don’t think I’d be running 7 cameras if this is what the feed looked like when I set up my security system exclusively with WYZE .


Don’t know when this problem is going to be resolved.
In the mean time you could roll back to the previous app version 2.4.82 it would probably fix your problem.
You can find the file in the link , you must uninstall current app before installing the app from the file.

For further assistance you can submit a support request here
Support Request


I expect plugs to arrive any day now. Its my understanding they are not supported in 2.4.82.

Looks like I get to choose between working cameras or messing with the new plugs.

Or maybe I go find another android device somewhere.

Not ideal.

Could we - the community - get some kind of periodic undate on progress so that we can know what actions we should take?



This guy gets it.

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The most recent update can be found in this thread


Thanks Jason.

It would be nice to know if timeline for a remedy is measured in days/weeks etc.

Not looking for an ironclad word here - just looking for best info available so we know to hold on a few more days or actually go find another device to manage the non-camera devices.

Thanks again for 32 bit/64bit info.


That information I unfortunately don’t have, I just know it is a top priority for them. If I hear anything I will pass it along though.


Yep. I observed the change just yesterday. My bad.
The delay is significant enough for the live streaming to be useless. Please ensure that the issue is resolved at the earliest.


We are searching for an improved library to use but want to be careful that the solution we go with actually resolves the problem for the people impacted by this issue. This probably won’t be resolved in days (especially since we’ll be doing a round of beta testing with it) but we are working hard and it’s our number one priority.


Thanks for communicating this, it’s helpful information to share :+1:

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You’re welcome! We understand the frustration and don’t want people to feel ignored or forgotten. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. Plugs arrived today! I am going to go mess with them.

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Thanks, we are waiting for it. I am not ordering Plugs or any new product until this is resolved.

You’re welcome! We hope you enjoy the heck out of your plugs! :smiley:

We understand, @xrigau. We’ll get the fix out for everyone as soon as we can.

Something that should have been done before releasing this version.

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How did this get released without regression testing ?. Concerned that there is little testing of these releases and we are going to have future releases with issues.


There was beta testing done before release of it

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Here to confirm that there was beta testing but we understand that we didn’t test with a large enough range of devices. What I am saying is that we would all want the beta testing for this fix to last longer than a handful of days to make sure that the stability is where it should be.