Why was Android hardware decoding removed?

Is there a fix for this yet?

My cameras are basically useless at this point.

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I believe right now the best option to get things working for older Android devices is to roll back the cam software to 2.4.82:


Android - Wyze App

Android V2.5.30 (Release date: August 31,2019) Fixed an issue may cause the app log to not generate when reporting an issue Android V2.5.29 (Release date: August 31, 2019) Fixed an issue that may c…


Be sure to uninstall your current app before installing the older one.

Also be sure to turn off automatic updates.


Thanks, i uninstalled the latest version and installed version (2.5.28 wrong version) Correction its version 2.4.82 Back to normal with hardware acceleration . I only use the app foe wyze cam…

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Did you mean to type 2.4.82? 2.5.28 was the version that broke many installs.

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Should be this version here:
V2.4.82 APK (Release date July 9, 2019)

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Didn’t Apple do the same? Force every app to be 64 bit years ago?

I have an ancient Nexus 4 which struggled whether I had hardware decoder on or off. It made no difference. Whereas my only 2 year old S8 would lag a bit when hardware decoder was off, and run buttery smooth when it was on. This was even after factory resetting.

Wow. I thought a S8 would have no issues. My old S4 does, but S10 is okay. I wonder about S9. I wanted to buy a spare to replace my S4. I only use the S4 if I have to or to use as a mini tablet.

I have both an S9 and an S10 and neither of them lag, so it sounds like everything older than that gets worse the older you get. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.


What Android version is your S 8 running?

I have a Note9 and a S7 - they both work great, no issues on my older S7 at all

What Android version is your S 7 running?
Do you have any lag time in live view with your S 7 ?

Wyze app 2.5.30
S7 Android 8.0.0 Samsung Experience version 9.0

just tested again, lag 1-2 sec…not over 2, same as my note 9

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My results are, Wyze app 2.5.30
Samsung S 7 , Android V8 lag time live view 13 seconds

Wow, thats a big discrepancy… i wonder what could be causing it in one but not the other? :exploding_head:

Obviously not an exact science but testing with stopwatch , one time test , further testing may be in order

Pie. Even wiping and factory resetting it. Live stream lags in the latest, downgrading doesn’t lag after hardware encoder is enabled.

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I’ve a Samsung A8 2018 running on Android 9 and have the same problem.

You can try rolling back to version 2.4.82 of the WYZE app, this is the last one that had hardware decoding. They are working on a fix for the issue but it is not out yet.

Most of the links you will find are not working due to some maintenance going on but you can find the apk for it here WYZE for Android V2.4.82

Make sure to uninstall the current version first. Also turn off automatic updates so you don’t get updated right back to the current version.


Thank you!

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