Why no event captured?

My last ‘event’ logged was this past Sunday (9/13) at 3:30am. Prior to that I was getting multiple events logged every day. There are many, many videos on the local SD card triggered by motion so there should be corresponding events logged.

There were no changes to camera settings, firmware, or software. Something changed on the back-end server processing. I suspect it’s, once again, poorly tested software changes. :unamused:

Same here. My last event logged was yesterday around 4pm. There should be multiple events since then. And just when it needed it too. Found my porch plants destroyed this morning and nothing was recorded. I’m paying for cam plus but apparently it’s worthless.

Well, I started having events logged (and notifications received) this morning. We experienced a power outage at the site last night and when power came back on things appeared to be working ‘normally’ (if there is such a thing for Wyze cams).

So I guess the solution when this happens is to make a 10 hour round trip to power cycle all your equipment - cameras, modems, routers, etc. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. :unamused:

I had no power surge or failure, only my cam plus cam stopped recording events out of the blue, the others were fine. I restarted the camera and it’s logging events again. Which sucks because when I needed it to work last night it didn’t. I have a porch full of destroyed plants and no way to see what happened. Thanks, Wyze. :frowning:

I have no problem so far. It is working very nicely on my iPad even with the new update . However it didn’t work well with my Android phone. I had since uninstalled the Android app and only use my iPad. Now I get instantaneous notification when there is someone approaching within the camera zone.

I guess always try signing out and in your Wyze app; power cycle your webcam(s) when it didn’t function properly as a quick check.

Not very practical, or even doable, when the cameras are miles away. :frowning_face:

You’re correct!
Not everyone has easy access to the power supply…

I am one of the lucky ones.