Why no event captured?

The ones I’ve seen that rhyme with Geufy…sorry, Goofy are quite a bit more expensive. But maybe that’s just a Canadian thing. :frowning:

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Could be a Yankee accent thing?

Mine is having event capture issues as well. It seems to catch cars relatively well, but humans on the sidewalk (closer to the camera? Does nothing.

I am getting notifications on my Samsung that I have “events”, then I go to the WYSE app, tap on events, and I get the same window, “nothing to see here”.

This has been happening since I upgraded the software the same day I set up my new Outdoor Cam, which I also upgraded the software that day. Approximately 10 days ago.

I also am not getting any events recorded on my new outdoor cam.

I have SD cards in all 3 of my cams and the base unit for the outdoor cam.

I am getting events on my two other cams, but even those are not showing up as events when I tap the events button, just that “nothing to see here” window.

How can I/WYSE correct this issue?

Here’s why I’ve completely turned off notifications from any wyze products. Other products, placed right next to this, seeing the exact same thing, avoids this shortcoming. I certainly see the spider web in them. I don’t get the notification. Technology is far superior for just a small bump in price. Wyze still has it’s place. Just not in most household situations.

Before joining Cam Plus, I always got all the videos showing up in “Events”.

If you are on Cam Plus:

Try “Events”, tap “Filter (Funnel icon - Top right)”, check all your web cams under “Cameras”, check “Person” then tap on “Show results”, you will get all the Person videos showing up. Uncheck “Person” and tap “Show results” will give you all the Motion videos.

Playing Displayed Video freezes on my Android phone and not quite sync with my iPad. iPad viewing is good. I have since uninstalled Wyze on my Android phone.

Having said that, I don’t think Cam Plus works with Outdoor cam at this juncture if you have subscribed to Cam Plus.

Good luck!

I am having the same issue. The last three days have been showing no event recordings

I am getting no event recordings too yesterday morning and afternoon even using “Filter”, “Show results” with Wi-Fi in 2.4 GHz. Yesterday evening it suddenly displayed event recordings with Person & Motion recordings using “Filter”, “Show results”.

This morning showed no recordings at all… :frowning_face:

Motion recorded at 8:33 pm.

I have 11 WyzeCam and 3 WyzeCam Pan; all worked fine until 6 days ago when all but 4 stopped recording events. I purchase 8 CamPlus 2 weeks ago and it worked more or less ok until this week. Now only 3 with Cam Plus and 1 without are capturing events. I have not changed any settings, all are as they should be and in line with suggestions in this thread. I have restarted the cams but they still don’t record event. Person detection was working before, even with CamPlus cams, but even with it turned off they don’t record events. Any ideas?

I have Cam Plus working fine today for Person and Motion for my iPad . You may want to check if you’re using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. If you’re, I don’t know what to suggest. These few days were so unpredictable. Maybe Wyze was doing maintenance? If they were, should have warned us.

My Android phone had videos started for a very short while then all frozen. I uninstalled Wyze again.

I am on day 9 with no event recordings. I hope they are fixing it!

Ditto. Event recordings for two of my cameras just stopped. Pegged to recent firmware update?

Has anyone seen an acknowledgement that this is an issue that is being assessed.

Since the last update I can stand directly in front of camera and move my arms no motion no video no notification nothing. Camera continues to reset while trying to live view has trouble authentication.
The last update has caused several issues. Hopefully to be fixed quickly as I see multiple issues posted here since updates.

Here is a live screenshot of what a spider web looks like on a competitors barely more expensive camera. The camera certainly sees it. The ir lights certainly illuminate it. It’s plainly visible. Yet, there are no automatic recordings saved, There are no automatic alerts sent. There are no useless files sent to a server. The superiority is obvious. Judge for yourself.

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What type of motion detection does that camera have?

I always have spiderweb on my 2 (v2) webcams.


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I see those. Those are very nice.

I have had the same issue. Its disappointing to have a camera set to record anything that happens and then have it NOT work. I have a HDD system previously installed on my house that records but the ability to sense movement and alert me is not there so I have the Wyze cams for such notifications… It seems sometimes they sense the slightest movement of a leaf or spider and at others times you wonder if its even plugged in. Following.

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