Why no event captured?

I have no filters on. I have no zones set up. It’s set up like every other camera that capture events most of the time. I have plenty of videos of moving leaves from this cam when it feels like working. Yet, this video event was missed. Not one event captured today so no timeout excuses. Virtually worthless for anything really. You be the judge.

Have you tried:

  • power cycling?
  • checking that your camera is set to record
  • let me know if it still isn’t working!
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I’m having the same issues, I have 2 devices with6
Using the same email address and often 1 will receive the event and not the other also.

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I’ve got a few questions:

  • is your camera set to record?
  • Have you tried power cycling?
  • is your camera close to your router?
  • Have you tried the tips above?

I’m seeing the same behavior. Suddenly I walk directly in front of the camera and it doesn’t detect anything. I have the detection on 100 percent and it still doesn’t pick anything up.

I have a camera with a motion sensor hooked up to it and it picks up everything. The ones that don’t have motion doesn’t pick anything up anymore.


i’m also experiencing issues, local recording is fine and detecting motion still but no events are recorded online, i’ve checked all my settings and all is set properly. Everything was working fine until sunday the 26th

I’m not sure if its related but browsing the forum it seems a few issues have popped up this weekend:

so seems like something on the backend is causing headaches

Edit: Just to clarify, i’ve got 0 events on 3 cameras since sunday

Latest update received on 7/28/20 seems to have actually woken up the event capture on the cameras. Strangely, they are all functioning as their settings would indicate. Had to re aim the pans and turn off any detection zone setting because those keep pointing in the wrong direction with the feature turned on. Fix one problem and another one surfaces. Toys need to be played with.

I’m having the same issue. And they refunded my subscription for no reason

refunded me ten cents. for 3 days. wonder why?

@50girl.se and @rbl, see linked post for info on that refund.

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Now that the cam is up and recording events finally, it’s really making up for lost time. Seems a spider spun webs over the lens and now my events list is full of spider web videos. Hilarious.

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I know how you feel! :rage: :rage: Time for the external IR floods?