Why no event captured?

I’m seeing the same behavior. Suddenly I walk directly in front of the camera and it doesn’t detect anything. I have the detection on 100 percent and it still doesn’t pick anything up.

I have a camera with a motion sensor hooked up to it and it picks up everything. The ones that don’t have motion doesn’t pick anything up anymore.


i’m also experiencing issues, local recording is fine and detecting motion still but no events are recorded online, i’ve checked all my settings and all is set properly. Everything was working fine until sunday the 26th

I’m not sure if its related but browsing the forum it seems a few issues have popped up this weekend:

so seems like something on the backend is causing headaches

Edit: Just to clarify, i’ve got 0 events on 3 cameras since sunday

Latest update received on 7/28/20 seems to have actually woken up the event capture on the cameras. Strangely, they are all functioning as their settings would indicate. Had to re aim the pans and turn off any detection zone setting because those keep pointing in the wrong direction with the feature turned on. Fix one problem and another one surfaces. Toys need to be played with.

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I’m having the same issue. And they refunded my subscription for no reason

refunded me ten cents. for 3 days. wonder why?

@50girl.se and @rbl, see linked post for info on that refund.

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Now that the cam is up and recording events finally, it’s really making up for lost time. Seems a spider spun webs over the lens and now my events list is full of spider web videos. Hilarious.

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I know how you feel! :rage: :rage: Time for the external IR floods?


I am having the same problem and I’m missing a lot of events and captures since this can plus update came out I want this fix. I filter to see what events happen in driveway and it’s empty meaning nothing in my events .

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I am having the left to right beam showing up on Motion capture at night. Wondering what it is.

I’ve got a lot of motion clips instigated by flys. Sunrise and sunset trigger several responses due to sudden light changes from my east and west windows. But the full video recordings from motion and person are 90% on track. A few missed vids. Still a great system for the price

Mine is doing the same thing. It all started Saturday night Sunday morning it no longer record events

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Hi. I’m also have an issue with my Cam V2, which I’ve had for about a month. My front porch is well-lit at night. My head and arm reaching out the front door at 5:00am to retrieve the newspaper from the mailbox triggers an event. But the newspaper delivery guy walking up to the porch at 4:00am (same lighting as at 5:00am) and putting the newspaper into the mailbox has yet to trigger a single event.

The guy is plainly visible in Playback footage (on the SD card) and he clearly alters more pixels walking into and out of frame than do I reaching out my front door. So…what gives?

FYI, I’ve got Night Vision set to “off” (because the porch is well-lit), but I’ve also had it set to “on” w/ the NV IR Lights set to “off” (per Wyze’s recommendation because the camera is indoors / behind a window) and the result was the same.

I’ve done resets and made sure the latest version of firmware is installed. Sensitivity is good enough to generate plenty of events ( including people, cats, sunrise/sunset and other changes in lighting, the neighbour’s van coming/going, etc.) so what’s up with this one specific situation?

Thanks for your thoughts / comments. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually replaced all my outdoor cams with a different brand that is comparably priced and functioning as expected. I mean, as one would normally expect a camera to record what you set it for and notify you immediately. Only picks up human movement. Not bugs or dust or clouds or blips or spider webs. Oh I certainly see them in the recording, just never captured as an event or sent as a notification. Not going to say the name of the new cams but it rhymes with the word goofy.


A whole different universe! :grinning:

How it is on vehicles? I’m especially concerned with vehicles as well as loose humans.



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Will this be more costly than Wyze Cam 2? Does it run on wifi? Is this for Outdoor? Please provide a bit more detail. Thanks.

The ones I’ve seen that rhyme with Geufy…sorry, Goofy are quite a bit more expensive. But maybe that’s just a Canadian thing. :frowning:

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Could be a Yankee accent thing?

Mine is having event capture issues as well. It seems to catch cars relatively well, but humans on the sidewalk (closer to the camera? Does nothing.

I am getting notifications on my Samsung that I have “events”, then I go to the WYSE app, tap on events, and I get the same window, “nothing to see here”.

This has been happening since I upgraded the software the same day I set up my new Outdoor Cam, which I also upgraded the software that day. Approximately 10 days ago.

I also am not getting any events recorded on my new outdoor cam.

I have SD cards in all 3 of my cams and the base unit for the outdoor cam.

I am getting events on my two other cams, but even those are not showing up as events when I tap the events button, just that “nothing to see here” window.

How can I/WYSE correct this issue?