Why is this camera reporting to China?

E.T. reference? :slight_smile:

Here is an update from my ticket if anyone is interested.

I pulled logs from the camera and sent them to support. Support states:

Our engineers are actively working on a solution for this. At this time, I believe the fix will be rolled out in a future firmware update, but it shouldn’t impact the functionality of the cameras themselves in the meantime!

Support seems very responsive and easy to work with.


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i’m seeing the same issue on my cameras, Tried rebooting a couple of times, the device still has the c8:02:8f mac address

It’s not a functional issue. If you MAC filter, just add in the address of the network card.

In respond to the Question of why do you think it is recordong to china. Well i cant speak for the op, but for me, as im having the same thing happen. Its not because of the mac a dressed manufacture that im saying it is recordong to china but rather because it is making connections using common (8080&443) and uncommon (21047) ports to a serve that is within china.

@Infamousadmin, could you upload a screen capture of your mysterious China connections? That shouldn’t be happening.

Now to be clear im not starting that theres anything doing in it containers a serve in china, and maybee that part is common and i simply dont know of it, also it doesnt seem to be a aws server thats in china and i belive i read on here somewhere that they went using any aws server in china for this exact reason but i could be totally wrong on that part so im not starting that theres any thing nefarious going on simply that it does infact SEEM to be countacting china and not anything to do with its mac address

*edit. Oh wait im sorry i made a mistake/mixup(just woak up) its the app thats connecting to the server not the camra. Sure one secUploading: Screenshot_20190912-103446_App Snitch.jpg… q

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I think your picture upload might have glitched.

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Here the Screenshot but as you see i wasn’t thinking at all. its the app on my phone thats connecting a server in china not the cameras.

because of this i just cheacked and here are the exact servers my cameras are connecting to. (All the cameras are connecting to the exact same ones and it seems all good to me. All though im obviously No exspert


Thanks for reporting this! I’ll send this to the team so they can look into it.


We made effort to limit the camera traffic to be within North America. The app may still contact our P2P service provider’s (TUTK) servers worldwide. We will work in stages to have the app traffic in North America in the future.




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Te comento que yo si compre por medio de amazon y recibí dos cámaras idénticas pero totalmente en idioma china , lo compartí en la página de wyze y si me confirmaron que están falsificando cámaras wyze
de empresa como Xiaomi o Xiaofang

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I’m not sure if I’m being monitored, but I have been keeping a diary of all the odd occurrences I have been experiencing with my Wyze camera. Today was undeniably odd as all of the recorded events, between the time I first went outside in view of the camera to the time I returned inside, disappeared for about 10 minutes before it reappeared in the event log. This happens quite often and I’m not sure what it means. However, I’m sure there’s a technical explanation for it.

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I believe they’ve hacked my phone and generated 45 gigs of data in the last 30 days as a result, which is unheard-of for me as I only use roughly 2 gigs a month. I have since uninstalled the app. Was a customer for about 2 years and used to love their products. Never had a problem with the actual cameras, just the app.

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You may not care now, but our President has had all devices manufactured with generic components from China removed from the White House security network. This includes all of the cameras on the property. Furthermore, in addition to US restrictions on several Chinese electronics manufacturers, it is possible that Wyze could suffer a terrible fate in favor of national security. This would mean that your cameras would not only stop working, but they’d technically be illegal to use.

Now realistically, I can’t imagine how this could actually happen, but then there are a lot of things that have happened recently that I could not have imagined.

Another thing to consider is how simple it would be for Wyze to setup a US-based relay that all of the camera activity would go through thereby easing concerns over privacy relative to China. Plus, it would be much more efficient for them to compress huge volumes of streams and send them in one package than to have every camera send the data itself (though it might be more expensive to Wyze…not sure).

And for those of you who think that it’s not a big deal, you should watch the documentary about Cambridge Analytica to see how they were able to sort through data that seemed completely innocuous to come up with methods that leveraged people’s habits and beliefs to get them to do things that benefited their client (like convincing half of a country not to vote during an election).

If that doesn’t convince you that your simple routine of brushing your teeth on camera subjects you to Chinese intelligence that could find a way to manipulate you, lookup the story about Target’s use of video analysis to determine accurately how pregnant a woman was by her shopping patterns. They used this analysis to target those women with special ads designed for expecting mothers. The problem is that when a man came in to ask why Target was promoting baby stuff to his daughter, they found out before he did that she was pregnant–scary if you think about it.

I think Wyze is on the up & up, but I don’t blame people for being concerned.

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