Why is my playback speed so fast?

When I view playback, it’s playing back at what looks like x2 speed, i.e., time is going by twice as fast and people moving around are real fast like it’s on fast-forward or something. Ideas?


I’ve seen this when I have not enough bandwidth available.

Fixed it by removing other devices using Direct connection or WiFi such as an Xbox, TV’s iPads laying around…

I’ve also rebooted phone, router and watched event again and it plays at normal speed.

Do you have a card installed on camera?, I also found that an almost full card will do this.

I have a card in, but I think I am recording to the cloud.

Advanced setting: Recording: Choose Continuous and bypass the 5 minute cools down on the camera so you see everything before, during and after.

The super speed in my opinion happens when I’m just within range for a WiFi signal ( in house) and as I’m leaving to go do yard work 200’ feet away I get an alert ( it’s about to go cellular ) and I click the alert to view it…( because supply truck is expected ) and the results are a triple speed replay Of condensed data that cellular is trying to handle from WiFi recording?

Just my opinion, not a nerdist that can extrapolate…just my observations

I am seeing everything, that is, a continuous playback, but it just speeded up, that’s all.