Why is all the audio product have low volume output?

I have all three of the audio device.
Sound quality is okay for the price offered.
But my main issue with them is the volume output is too low.
In order for me to listen to audio at the volume I would like to listen too.
I have to put my device volume to 90 to 100 percent.
Was there are reason why the volume is set to a low decibel?
Was it set to prevent hearing loss?
I think that there should be an option to allow user to select to volume output of their choice.

Don’t have headphones so can’t confirm, but make sure you don’t have any hearing protection settings enabled on your phone that can reduce sounds.

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I have all three audio devices as well, Wyze Buds (green and black) Wyze Buds Pro, and the Wyze headphones. My hearing is not the greatest already but I find the Wyze headphones to be loud when turned up.

What devices are you connecting them to? I primarily use them on a iPhone 12 max pro and a pixel 6.

Have also used them with a Windows 10 PC and Alexa dot and have had no issues with volume for my needs.

Also, check in the Bluetooth settings on IOS. Click the little (i) next to the headphones name and see if there’s an option to set the type. Make sure it’s on headphones. This option only exists on some BT devices it seems, so may not apply here.