Why doesn't the iPad app work in landscape

When will the iPad app work in landscape mode, it’s super annoying that this doesn’t work.



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Understatement. In my case, with a disability that makes it difficult to rotate my iPad 90° multiple times a day, it’s more than annoying. I think I may have been the first Wyze community member to request app-wide landscape mode nearly 2 1/2 years ago. Still waiting …


The reply from Wyze is from 2018! Come on, lets get this done. ordered more cameras including the new outdoor kit and not having a good app to interface them with is just annoying. I shouldn’t have to use third party software.


Don’t worry, noone is listenting or cares, well noone at Wyze anyway…the most basic of things, our iPad is in landscape mode 99% of the time… except for the Wyze app…


Is it that difficult to set up landscape mode option?

Apparently it is,

Wyze is still trying to figure this out 2.5+ years later…

Or perhaps they are ignoring this issue purposely.

It’s is my NUMBER ONE annoyance with their App.

My Ipad is in Landscape mode 100 percent of the time, attached to an external keyboard (an iPad Pro 12.9" in Portrait’ mode is not ideal in any way, IMO.)