Why did Wyze take away the ability to playback on the outdoor cam and base station?

Please fix the playback asap. I am still waiting for the playback to be returned on the outdoor cam as well as the base station.Please do this asap or refund my money! This equipment is garbage without the playback function. And NO! I do not want to subscribe! That is why I own so many Wyze devices. A coincidence that playback is gone now that Wyze is offering subscriptions. I am very disappointed to say the least. I also bought Wyze devices for many friends and family over the years. I won’t be doing that anymore if this doesn’t get fixed asap!
I have a disabled adult living with me and having playback could mean life or death to this person. Wyze can’t just take away a function that the devices were sold to do! Why do I own the base station? I was told the cam would back up to it as well a the doorbell I bought. I feel like I am being squeezed into buying a subscription. There must be something legal in this, especially when I bought it for someone’s safety and those features were taken away after the devices were in place.
Fix it. Soon. Please.

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