Why are there reviews on Expansion cams and im told they wont ship till OCT

I am an early bird shopper already have the starter bundle and i am still being told my expansion cams wont ship till OCT . I am seeing reviews on the cams and also people buying them at Home Depot …what the hell am i waiting for ??? and you call my order EARLY …very disappointed

I think home depot is only selling the bundle


The only reviews I have seen were for the bundle. Do you have a link to these reviews and cameras you can share?

Response from support:

“We made a commitment to The Home Depot back in February for their Labor Day promotion, which is what’s currently being advertised. The Wyze Cam Outdoor is not yet available in all The Home Depot stores, and most do not yet have any in stock at all.”

That being said my local one has 19 in stock but at higher cost.


Those are the bundles, not the standalone add on cams.

Correct… but even bundles ordered several months ago won’t go out until October.

Many many people on here have received their cams. And October is only 4 weeks away. The title of this thread was that “expansion” cams, those without a base station, were being sold by Home Depot.


No one should have them before your tried and true customers , the early birds and reviewers are your staple and should never be looked over for big business …

The “expansion” WCO is NOT out yet. The first round of early access WCO bundles were delivered a month ago. Second round of WCO bundles and expansion cameras will be sent out in October (estimated).

As for your statement that “no one should have them before your tried and true customers,” does that mean that when Chevrolet comes out with a new model, they should only sell the vehicles to existing Chevrolet customers? Seems to me a business would want to sell as many of its product as they could to everyone willing to buy them!

Apparently the orders are being shipped out sooner then October
I received an email yesterday that the outdoor starter bundle that I ordered 7/27/20 was shipped

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