Why a big gap like 5-6 minutes between basic cam recordings?

What I think a few of us are trying to point out is that “real world useless” to YOU does not mean “useless” to other people. We are telling you straight out that we find it very useful.

And discounting that I find it useless. :frowning_face:

If you (and others) are happy with a half-baked solution so be it, makes no difference to me one way or another. I personally rather have something that works which is why I’ve moved on to a working solution. My 2 remaining Wyze products (the other 5 have already ‘met their maker’ either through attrition or frustration) will remain in use as the toys they really are and when they quit functioning will go the same route as all other broken toys - the trash.

Not at all! You made multiple statements that it was useless. If you had said you found it useless for your purposes we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Well see I use all 12sec cams as complementary cams where I already have other cams with as cards in them. Also in my shed which has 3 sportbikes in it and never gets any motion besides me or a possible burglar. Unless the sucker broke in right after I had left. Lol
Actually I have that covered with a second cam with a service on it as well. Who else gives a free cloud service?? I’d love to know who gives better free storage???

No different than you saying they meet your needs so they are universally useful.

Arlo use to have “free” cloud storage that was arguably better. The buy in to get started with arlo is extremely high compared to wyze though.

Baloney. Didn’t happen.

Never knew that, are you saying it’s not free anymore even after the high entry cost? If so wow that would suck.

I believe the newer Arlo cameras require a subscription for cloud. The old ones I think still have free cloud.

Anyone else? Anyone supplying free service with their cams? I’d sure love to find a better deal but don’t see it happening. Those who don’t like FREE 12sec/5min cool down, it’s only 15 bucks per cam for a whole year of full length no cool down cloud. I also love eufy but theirs is exactly double that amount per cam with absolutely zero ZERO free cloud. So as hard as I try to understand what is wrong with free 12sec vids I just can’t seem to grasp the problem. How about one of you all market a cam with totally free unlimited zero cool down cloud service and I’ll gladly join. and I’m so sure someone will find something to complain about.
The bottom line is wyze is supplying great little cheap cams that you can use a micro SD card in and get your unlimited, free full length motion recordings that you can watch from your phone while also throwing in a FREE cloud service for everyone to complain about. Lol seriously guys wow!
The cam plus is a pretty good deal being about the same price as a SD card per year. (being it is recommended to change to a new card once a year) With the price of these cards it’s actually a better deal to just get a cam plus subscription. I still use a card in a couple, use the free 12 sec recordings on a couple, and a cam plus service in a couple all for what I would consider a unbeatable price. Thanks wyze


This here I will totally agree with about the SD card in the outdoor cams. We should be able to view at least the base recordings without removing the card.
I wish they had made the base able to accept a 128gb micro SD card that we could view on our phones from the base. I will say using a card in the outdoor setup you want to use the card in the base so you don’t have to climb a ladder to get to it. Having to remove the card from the base to view really stinks. I wonder if they could eveadd a feature to the base In a update that would let’s us view our recodings via phone? Is the base even capable of this being added to it?

I’ve never seen that articulated. It’s a great point! You may have just sold a CamPlus subscription or two. Thanks.

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I still have an Amazon Blink XT for outdoor which has cooldown (they called “retrigger time”) that can be set from 10 to 60 seconds. Video recording clip can also be set from 5 to 60 seconds with a pair of battery that can last for up to 2 years if you set the video clip to 5 seconds as they claimed. It came with FREE cloud storage that you can set from 3 days to 60 days for auto-delete. All those settings can be done on the mobile phone app. I have it set for 5 sec video clip and I still do not have to replace batteries for at least 15 months now and still shows as OK. Of course the entry price is high. I think I got it for $79 on sale.

It’s actually Blink XT2. Compare to Wyze outdoor which is $49, I got what I wanted but wanted to try Wyze outdoor because I didn’t know it was so limited on functions compare to Cam V2 that I was assuming it had the same functions. I should have read about the spec and things before buying.

Yes I’m a bit dissatisfied with the wyze outdoor as well but it does seem to do well in certain situations. I’m using mine mainly to keep a eye on my motorcycles inside my shed.

I’ll tell you what would be cool is if they switched the 12sec/5min cool down to a certain limited amount of 14 day storage. I go through and delete and clean up my storage daily where I’m certain many leave it full of 14 days worth of 12 sec vids. If wyze switched it to a limited amount of footage with no cool down/ longer vids people would be more likely to keep there vids cleaned up so they don’t hit the cap and lose footage. I would think wyze would end up storing way less total data this way. So it would be a win win I would think. I’m in no way complaining about the free cloud but it would be cool to be able to have the longer shots with less cool down all while wyze having to store less total data. Heck I don’t even need 14 days. I watch then delete mine.

I believe I read that the new blink cameras were getting rid of the free cloud storage for users unless they created thier account before a certain date.

Hmm, it’s sad to see Blink cams are starting to charge for cloud storage. Looks like maybe all manufacturers want to make some money out of the cloud storage now. So, there’s no more free lunch ;-(

Not sure about the future but the three wyze cameras released this year all still have the free cloud storage.

That’s correct , All new Blink accounts created after April 15, 2020 will not have free cloud storage , you would get only a 30-day free trial

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