Whose Wzye Cam's are Out in the Cold? The weather Outside is frightful!


It gets cold, snowy icy n windy, in the Northern Climes .

Who has tucked and protected (under an eve, etc.) . A Wzye Cam, out in this kind of cold weather?

Lately, we only drop into single degree negative numbers ( -2° or -3° F) rarely.
Normal winter temps Avg 30’s in the daytime & 20’s to teens at night.


Doin fine so far Low: 17 °F


Temp in the teens. So far, so good.


Good to know Guys!

Since these low temps are out of spec. For the cam.

It’s 9° right now & will be the same tonight too!

I feel bad about putting one out there, like that.

Today highs will be in the 40’s.

For the replies!
Keep me posted of any new Lows!


I had one outside all through last winter and summer in Western PA and it is still working this winter.


Have one out in Temps in the teens. Tucked under the overhang on house. Been doing fine


I live in Northern Alberta and have had temps as low as -15C so far…or 5F. Have had no issues so far…I do have covers on the cameras.


I have been keeping my unit under the eve outside since the summer with temps ranging from the upper 90s to the low 20s with no adverse effects.


I have 3 outside here in Norway.
Last week we had -9C (15,8F). No problem at all.
Occasionally we can have -15 - -18C, but if they survive Northern Alberta, I’m sure they’ll survive Norway as well.

However, I bought these from Amazon, and they seem to work quite well:


To hear!

I order the same cover n Amz USA delivered to wrong address?
Hopefully the delivery replacement, comes in today!


Now that’s cold!


I’ve got Wyze cams mounted under eves in a cold, wet climate in winter. They’re mounted in the same case @Lerxst is using.

The only issue I’ve experienced has been spotting on the lenses. This is only an issue (so far) at night. The spotting messes with the image when in night vision mode.

Blowing snow, and rain when it’s very windy, seems to be the culprit. When I’m at the house it’s easy to remedy with a microfiber cloth, however I’m typically 1,200 miles away.

The cases provide no lens protection. I’ll be upgrading these if and when Wyze offers a proper outdoor cam.


Great post !
I did not think is that!

My Eves are a little better protected.

But I also live in the “Nor’easter alley”(Atlantic coast usa) .

This means year round low pressure systems, roar up the coast with wind n rain blowing for 25-90 mph.

At 6-2, I should be able to reach the cam lens with a cloth.

But, If spotting from, dust, rain, frost n or snow becomes an imaging problem.

I’m open to other suggestions, on how to prevent or reduce this issue, too!