Whole House Main Water Valve Shutoff

My idea is a whole house main water shutoff. It would be really nice to have solenoid that water can be shutoff from the app. To take it to the next step would then be a water flow meter that in an event of a leak, it would shut the solenoid valve to the whole house. This could be a timed flow for accuracy.

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These are currently available at $300 - $400 so I would think Wyze’s engineering could make a great very profitable product and still save customers a ton of $$$$

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I’ve done research and there are water shut offs available but not a simplified set up that would automatically shut down a water main or water valve automatically once water leak detected. Everything out there is very clunky or may need professionals to set up or are very expensive. I feel WYZE can problem solve this like other company’s can’t. Thanks

There are several competitors whom have water main shut off valves controlled via the app! I would like to see Wyze come out with the same thing. I work away from home and have a camp that I would love to be able to control the water valves when I leave if I forget.


Saw your sprinkler system, do you offer a WIFI whole house water cutoff valve? Say, I am out of town and want to cutoff my water at my house. Do you offer a WIFI water cutoff valve?

So I recently installed a GE water softener that has a leak detector on it that montiors water usage and sends a notification to my phone if it senses lo, medium or high water usage. This i a great tool because the amount of water that is lost from a leaky toilet is insane. to put it in perspective, my wife didn’t realize tha tthe flush valve was stuck open and left the house for the day. No one noticed that the toilet was left running. most toilets flush around 2 to 3 gallons per minute or more so in a an hour 90 gallons are lost and in 24 hours well over 2000 gallons of water is lost. the average daily consumption in my household is less than 50 gallons so that is a complete waste of money and more importantly a waste of clean water. There are companies that sell auto shut off leak detectors but they are expensive and not very technological. I think Wyze could make a better one. And the incentive to make a really good one is that if done right, most insurance companies will give a discount to your homeowners policy. So from an economical perspective and an environmental perspective I’d love to see Wyze tackle this project.

i would like to see a product like the Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff

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