Whoa. My 47mm Wyze Watch shipped

Just got the email with tracking number. Ordered about noon MST the announcement day.

Cannot. Wait.

Just a plain 47mm with stock black band. Still psyched.

Anyone else?

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I ordered mine Dec 1st…
Really looking forward to it. I don’t have any confirmation of shipment yet but hopefully soon.

Yep. Ordered it on Dec 1st and just got notified that it shipped. Cool.

Just got the shipping email too! :grinning:

Mine is in Pick/Pack status so shipping very soon :slight_smile:

I ordered mine Dec 1st.
Still says “processing.”. :slightly_frowning_face:

Mine shipped too :slight_smile:

The 47 is sweet, but remember it is a new product, and they need to hear about anything that isn’t right yet.

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Mine has shipped as well. Hoping it meets my needs.
Just want basic fitness tracking and notifications in an attractive

wow, fastest shipping I’ve seen from Wyze…was shipped Mon night, was just delivered

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Would love to see some ‘real life’ pics from those who receive theirs.
Mine isn’t here yet, and I’m dying to see.

Here’s a review I saw on YT… screen looks great, and just based on the ‘first few mins’ looks like a steal at the 20 bucks.

I got mine yesterday, It is very nice for 20 bucks. People would probably pay 100 for it.

Mine shipped as well but on USPS it’s been sitting on label created since Tuesady- no movement at all

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I got the “shipped” email too. But nothing has shipped. The Post Office is still waiting to receive the shipment. Somebody at Wyze pre-printed shipping labels and the emails went out, But nothing has shipped yet.

Mine never said anything other then “getting ready to ship” and then just showed up. So maybe you will get a surprise.

I also got my shipped notification email via USPS but no activity on it yet. Looking forward to receiving it!

Got mine on Saturday. Very nice watch but lots of room for improvement still. Fantastic bang for the buck for sure.

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I got a mail last Tuesday saying it was shipped. But since then nothing happened. USPS doesn’t have the package yet:
Delivery date information will be available once details are provided by the carrier.

Ready To Go

Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the USPS facility. Please check back soon!

I’ve found it takes 4-7 days between the mailing label being created and the actual shipment.